by annmounce 12 Nov 2008

When I select a file type, such as PES or XXX, the file is saved with the word .index as the suffix. If you have MSN, how do you save an embroidery file from the Cute site?



by lbrow 14 Nov 2008

I'got it all straightened out Ann *4Um glad u

by sqdancer 12 Nov 2008

Glad you got it figured out are never alone on this site, at least no for long...hugs & *4U

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by iris2006 12 Nov 2008

I'm afraid that I don't understand what MSN has to do with dopwnloading the embroidery files. I don't have problems with the downloading, I save the files in my softwareprogram. But I'm sure someone of the cutemembers can give you the answer to help you. Till that moment here is a flower for you

annmounce by annmounce 12 Nov 2008

Thanks. I finally figured out how it works with this browser. Thanks for responding anyway so I wouldn't feel like I was all alone. * 4 U

iris2006 by iris2006 13 Nov 2008

Glad that you figured out how to do it. Computers sometimes make you crazy lol.