by superfroggirl 08 Nov 2008

it is still under warrenty and so no worries!!

but i prolly wont get it back till the middle of next week!! thats ok though i have lots more different xmas projects to work on!! well thank you for all the suggestions and support I really appreciate it!! thank you!!


by shirlener88 08 Nov 2008

Stacey, that sounds like some good and bad news to me - that they can fix it - but that they will have it until the middle of the week - I hate that - when that happens - I go into withdrawals. Hehehe! Get busy on those other projects.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 Nov 2008

thank you!! yeah i know :( My gramma just called me and we are doing shoe boxes tomorrow so it's ok... I have enough to fill my time!!

by marymoore 08 Nov 2008

oh man hate to see ya loose it for a while but at least it is still covered

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 08 Nov 2008

I know.. its only 2.5 months old!!!