by superfroggirl 07 Nov 2008

with 2 mushrooms beside eachother in a 4x4 hoop.. so pretty small... the 1st one went fine.. now the second one started doing the fill of the 1st colour and i keep getting an error.. e40 which means main motor stalled!! what does that mean.. how would that happen?? my dealer is closed till tomorror.. i tried googling it but found nothing...

anyone come across the same problem or any suggestions...
thank you in advance!!!


by majgregg 07 Nov 2008

I have a pfaff 2170 and sometimes my machine will say main motor blocked but it usually happens when my embroidery foot comes loose and falls off and stops the machine. All I have to do is press ok on my machine, reattached my foot and start again. I am not sure what the error e40 means.

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 Nov 2008

thanks.. the foot is on properly.. i just checked.. thanks for the suggestion though!!

by adelmarie 07 Nov 2008

Do not know anything about pfaff. Sorry, hope you get some help soon. *

by lbrow 07 Nov 2008

Superfrog girl I know nothing about pfaffs but I'm sure someone will b along that can help U *4U

by tmbache 07 Nov 2008

Oh you poor soul. Sure hope it is nothing to serious. Good luck and hope you will be sewing again soon. Meantime heres a flower to brighten your day.

by kezza2sew 07 Nov 2008

sorry cannot help, but hope all turns out well and you get it sorted soon.

g3mwgb by g3mwgb 07 Nov 2008

I have a Pfaff 2170 and when I get that message it is usually that I've got a birds nest underneath or it is too dense for the needle to go through. Rethread everything maybe that will help.

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 07 Nov 2008

thank you.. i re-threaded... changed a needle and re-did the bobbin and cleaned it out.. and still same.. it's suckie.. could be too dense though never thought of that.. but it sews one way and then when it goes back it jams... maybe too much bulk in one section!?!
but if i take it apart to check with a different fabric im worried that i wont be able to line it up again with the one i started.. i just don't know.. lol... i guess i will have to wait till tomorrow!! thank you for your suggestion!!