by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

Here is the original post


by quiltgrama 21 Dec 2008

the fix looks great wouldnt even know there was anything wrong. I sometimes have gremlins too in my machine choke mine for me too if you catch him. Lisa

by blessinge 21 Dec 2008

What a great job you did fixing the design. I can't tell there was ever a mistake.

by grandmamek 21 Dec 2008

that was a great fix! a really nice job.

by simplyrosie 21 Dec 2008

wow... I've never had this I can't lend any suggestions, but let me tell you Charlie, you did an AMAZING job fixing this! And you say you don't want to get into digitizing... You'd be rather good if you ask me... I can't even tell by the second photo that you even had trouble! good job!!!

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misscharlie by misscharlie 21 Dec 2008

awwww ya sweetheart you! *

by mpo14011 21 Dec 2008

Sorry I did not see this sooner.
You should be able to move the design around with out making any difference to the stitch out. HOWEVER, if you use more then one design in the hoop, you will increase the overall stitch count. So use more stabilizer! Always check the stitch count before stitching out a design!

misscharlie by misscharlie 21 Dec 2008

Yes Ricky you did answer to my original post about the design and how to "fix" it. I did not alter the design at all. I did merge the text to it. As you can see I did "fix" it by doing some freehand embroidery and a marker. THX *

mpo14011 by mpo14011 21 Dec 2008

ooopppps, I did too. That was before I saw the photos.
Just remember, when you combine designs, check the stitch count and add more stabilizer if necessary.

by sqdancer 06 Nov 2008

Not sure if anyone else received this email, you might find Elizabeth's comments interesting...

"You know members I just made an interesting discovery....There have
been many times I have given a design to a test sewer and my stitch
out and the testers always came out different. She would have a
stitch line that would not cover and mine would sew out perfect...or
visa versa! never could understand why the difference and thout it
in the stabalizing. I also noticed that sometimes the photo of the
test design sent to me was positioned different in the hoop than the
way it was digitized, but that did not compute in my mind....Today
it did!
I put a design that was digitized for the 4x4 hoop in to a large
6x10 hoop and positioned 4 of the designs to fit in that hoop in
different locations. To my amazment, 3 sewed out differently and had
different imperfections .The stitches were off line in each one....
all but the one that was placed in the hoop in the same position it
was digitized, and it was perfect!..I did this on 2 machines so I
could get 8 FSL at one sewing...the same thing happen on the second
machine also...
So the moral of the story is if you purchase a design and rotate it
in your machine from the way it was digitized and given to you you
will have outlines that are off, and different little glitches in
the design. So if you have little problems with your designs, this
could be one of the reasons other than stabalizing.
Has anyone else experienced this?

clawton by clawton 06 Nov 2008

You should be able to move the design around and not have a problem. I have had a design not line up is I copied it using the sewing maching. So I usually try to load the original design in for as many as I need and them move them around.

misscharlie by misscharlie 07 Nov 2008

I find that explanation rather flimsy to say the least. It is almost a cop out of anything that is wrong with a design is not the designs problem, but the stitchers. I did nothing to alter this design to have the out come I had. If someone wants to call themselves a digitizer then they already know all of the variables out there as far as machines, hoops, fabrics, stabilizers and threads. I would not call the stitch out I had with this design a "little problem" it was an enormous one. I stitched out 30 designs same fabric same hoop same machine same stabilizer one BAD design.

sqdancer by sqdancer 07 Nov 2008

Sorry I posted ....not being into digitizing just thought it might be something to think about....will keep my thoughts to myself next time ....

by dlonnahawkins 06 Nov 2008

That was a good save - sometimes those little gremlins get it into their minds to mess us up, and there is not anything we can do but go along with them. Wonder if they had been playing with the Sprites?

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misscharlie by misscharlie 07 Nov 2008

lol I see that gremlin I will choke him*

by lbrow 06 Nov 2008

U did an excellent fix it job charlene *

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misscharlie by misscharlie 07 Nov 2008

ty Lillian I did the best I could hopefully it will blend with the other designs.*

by jasanne 06 Nov 2008

Well done, you did a great save on the design.

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misscharlie by misscharlie 07 Nov 2008


by katydid 06 Nov 2008

I'm not sure about #1 photo. Did stitching skip a place? Do you have the ability to sequence foward and backward in a design?

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misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

It stitched out starting with the bottom of the blue then went up to the top and started working down, I kept watching and waiting for it to get back to that area and then it went to the next color change I can fwd colors and stitches I did go over the color again with the needle advance to see and it just did not stitch out that little block that I highlighted in red

by damaris 06 Nov 2008

nice save. good job

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misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

ty had to do something*

by debleerl 06 Nov 2008

I'm glad you got it fixed. Sometimes software acts up for no apparent reason and there's no fixing it. I had a design save upside down. It would load in DP correctly but evertime I saved it, it inverted. I even tried inverting it then saving it, it stayed upside down, so I had to hoop the fabric upside-down and stitch it out that way.

katydid by katydid 06 Nov 2008

Strange!! Gremlins!! Does your machine not rotate a design also?

misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

crazy *

debleerl by debleerl 06 Nov 2008

Yes, if the design is not to big, but this one it wouldn't. It was wierd.

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 21 Dec 2008

Sometimes, especially with Embird, the software saves those darn trim codes... if you have them taken off when you save, the design will save normally. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my SW did odd things... finally figured out it was those unnecessary codes.

by mariahail 06 Nov 2008

What a great way to save the design...*****

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misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

ty Maria I didn't know what to do*

by emily16838 06 Nov 2008

Good save...was the design faulty?

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misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

It must've been, it looked good in simulator but it sure didn't stitch out good.*

by marymoore 06 Nov 2008

you resized this design?

misscharlie by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

no I did not resize the design I did nothing except add the words to it. I created the text and then merged the design onto it

marymoore by marymoore 06 Nov 2008

well that should not have bothered it

by misscharlie 06 Nov 2008

before picture
after with some freehand machine embroidery and a black marker lol

lenamae by lenamae 21 Dec 2008

You did a great job fixing this one it looks great.

misscharlie by misscharlie 21 Dec 2008

TYVM I had to do something that is design # 15 of 30 I wasn't about to scrap it lol. *