by prampelb 01 Nov 2008

frame that can be used by itself (and empty inside). Thanks. Pat


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by misscharlie 13 Nov 2008

OK found another on sale!

Type in photo in the search bar

by oldandgrey 13 Nov 2008

Designsbysick have just released a new set "Christmas Borders" they may suit what you want to achieve.

by oldandgrey 12 Nov 2008

Have you looked at the frames at "Mybargainstuff" by 'FerretLady Designs' there are 238 frames in the set. If they are not FSL you can machine them onto organza, sparkling organza,or bridal net, & then trim the excess fabric away.

by misscharlie 12 Nov 2008

I don't know if you are still looking for a frame but I ran across this one today and remembered your post
It is on sale

by misscharlie 01 Nov 2008

How about an applique design?

by elaine45 01 Nov 2008

Good luck....

by deeside 01 Nov 2008

Try the OPW site - Ashley Embroidery have a set Picture Frames which probably are what you are looking for.