by dpickel 29 Oct 2008

Woo-hoo. I now know what all the fuss is about! Boy-oh-boy. I just might have put the bags to rest and started a new love affair! LOL What a blast!

This is the Butterfly Lace Bookmark from Embroidery Library (2.08" by 3.89", 13476 approx # stitches). I haven't soaked it yet, so please excuse the super solvy that you can see that was used to stitch it on!


by gerryvb 03 Dec 2008

it's beautiful, and looks much better than my first FSL !!

by lenamae 02 Dec 2008

very pretty vilene is better than solvy and only have to use one layer.

by michelej 31 Oct 2008

Yea, see it is so so addictive ey... hmm so you are now in love with fsl....the poor bags will feel left
Ps....very nice!!!!!

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dpickel by dpickel 31 Oct 2008

Maybe I need to come up with a plan to combine both? LOL

by mpo14011 31 Oct 2008

Looks good.

by shirleysisson 31 Oct 2008

This is very pretty. *4U

by kttyhwk4 30 Oct 2008're hooked for sure. I also have this design and have done one of almost every color I have. So habit forming and so many friends and relatives to share with. Enjoy!!!!

by lbrow 30 Oct 2008

A lovely job dpickel, sounds like u r hooked LOL *

by dgrammy 30 Oct 2008

beautiful,you did a great job

by stickmuster 30 Oct 2008

nice, ***

by roslyn 30 Oct 2008

Great Work, hope to see more of these in the future. Time to think out side the Square hehh

by sherylac 30 Oct 2008

Lovely, now you are hooked, I just love it, FSL that is, and great work, *4u

by manami 30 Oct 2008

Beautiful! You did a great job!

by shirlener88 30 Oct 2008

Woo-hoo - I love it - now you have really got it going on girl - keep it up - this is a great bookmark - the larger one is even more special, too.

by kezza2sew 30 Oct 2008

Now we know what to expect from you in future projects..Well done. Keep 'em coming.

by minnieb 30 Oct 2008

great job

by grandmapapers 29 Oct 2008

Great job, I have this design and it sure works out beautifully.

by path 29 Oct 2008

Way to go, daughter of mine! Great job, as always. This would make a really great Christmas present don't you think? MOM

grandmapapers by grandmapapers 29 Oct 2008

I think that's a strong hint.

dpickel by dpickel 30 Oct 2008

Oh dear, that's more than a strong hint! It's an ORDER! LOL Me thinks a stocker stuffer perhaps? Hehe Or maybe I had better hid it in wrapped nesting boxes... make her work for it? (I am a devious daughter sometimes...she taught me well!) LOL

by mariahail 29 Oct 2008

Beautiful!!!!!let me be the first to say so!!***

dpickel by dpickel 29 Oct 2008

Thank you! I was soooooo excited when I completed it this morning before work! Needless to say I didn't want to leave - wanted to stay home and do more!!!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 30 Oct 2008

Now you are in the groove - Hehhee!