by cordura5 28 Oct 2008

in Washington called Distinctly Bronze. It is for advanced ringers only and only 147 people get accepted. You have to have two recommendations to get in. Well, I did it! I'm going! This is the first time this event has been offered on the west coast. It's always been somewhere back east so I've never even tried to get in. But now I get to go! Yea!!!!!!


by dgrammy 29 Oct 2008

Congratulations and way to go!

by sllakin 29 Oct 2008

Congratulations! I am also excited for you!

by salsabil 29 Oct 2008

Congrats! That will be great! Enjoy The event!

by mad14kt 29 Oct 2008

To God Be The Glory...I am so EXCITED for you ;) *2U

by jrob Moderator 29 Oct 2008

Congratulations....cute and talented!

by gerryb 29 Oct 2008

Congrats! Glad you shared the honor with us! Hand bells are so pretty, I love to hear them. We have a SMALL group at our church that play a few times a year. Would love to hear your group! But Calif. is a bit far from Tenn.!

by geruvyme 28 Oct 2008

wooohoooo way to go!!!!

by dkjack 28 Oct 2008

Congradulations! Have someone tape a movie so we can see and hear you play. I love handbells!

by newipswich 28 Oct 2008

Oh congratulations! I would love to hear you play! Music played with the handbells is wonderful! Heard some played in Boston one year. Have a great experience. We'll be waiting to hear about it afterwards. Hugs.

by misscharlie 28 Oct 2008

Congrats and have a great time, I love DC. *

by lbrow 28 Oct 2008

That's wonderful cordura. I'm so proud 4 u. We have what u call hand chimes instead of a bell it's a long rod. I love to play & we r always being asked for different things but nothing so exciting as your Destinctly Bronze, whyt u may wind up playing at the white House one of these days, congratulations *


by dlonnahawkins 28 Oct 2008

Congratulations - and what an accomplishment. Wish we could all be there to hear you "ring".

by clawton 28 Oct 2008

Congratulations. You should be excited that is an honor. Let us know how it goes.

by mops Moderator 28 Oct 2008

Congratulations! When will this event take place. I bet you'll have a great time, so please tell us all about it afterwards.

cordura5 by cordura5 28 Oct 2008

It's not until the second week in February, but I will need that long to learn the music! Especially since I will be practicing by myself. When you play handbells, you are only responsible for two notes, so practicing by myself isn't easy because you can't hear the melody line since all the other notes are missing. I don't even know yet what music I will be playing! I just know that it will be level 5 and above. Music is rated from 1 to 6+, the highest I have ever played is 5, so it will be a challenge. One of my recommendations came from a well known composer and arranger, so if they have confidence in me, I guess I have the ability to accomplish it.

mops by mops 29 Oct 2008

Yes, I realised it's difficult to practice on your own and wondered how you would do that. Can you get a tape of the pieces together with the score?

by ibht2k2 28 Oct 2008

You must be very good! Enjoy, and congratulations!

by gerryvb 28 Oct 2008

well congratulations and I hope you enjoy it, good luck and tell us please how everything went,*4u