by cordura5 24 Oct 2008

pattern twice on top of each other. So in effect I am sewing twice as many as I would normally. I have to do this design on thirty + ornaments. That makes over sixty stitchouts. Is there a way to make the design denser while still enlarging it or do I have to redigitize it myself? Can anyone help me? My program won't let me work with finished designs. Once it is .pes format, that's it, done for, no changes can be made.


by mops Moderator 25 Oct 2008

I can easily resize without loss of density, my email is in my profile, so if you wish I can do it for you.

by nurselilly 25 Oct 2008

You can try EMBIRD you can change the density pretty much to whatever you like and it will work in all files ok it is one thing i have done and if you like email it to me and i can have a go for you ok if someone hasnt already helped out good luck :)*4U

by sewjb 25 Oct 2008

A simple solution that you may try is to stitch out using 30 weight embroidery thread instead of 40 weight. Use a topstitch needle. This works for me sometimes. Good luck

by lbrow 24 Oct 2008

Oh cordura I wish I could help but I know nothing about your program. I hope, surely someone can help u Sorry *

by prampelb 24 Oct 2008

OK, I am done! where can I email it for you? Total: 22841 stitches in 3.85 inches. Pat

by adelmarie 24 Oct 2008

I am sorry, I am not familiar at all with PE Ver 4.

by tubby 24 Oct 2008

you need wilcom true sizer it is free to download and it recalculates the stitches,here is the link

adelmarie by adelmarie 24 Oct 2008

Actually it recalculate the stitches but I am not mistaking it does not really fix the density

tubby by tubby 24 Oct 2008

I use it and have no problems with maintaining the density

prampelb by prampelb 24 Oct 2008

Same as adelmarie... it does not work nicely with PES files...

ciba by ciba 24 Oct 2008

That is right, it does recaulculates the stitches because it moves them around and adds a couple of stitches if the distance is between one stitch and the other gets too long. Basically so you don't end up with a loop or jumped stitches, however it does not correct the design's density.

by blackie 24 Oct 2008

My Janome Scan'n Sew (ancient) only allows me to resize up to 20% - more than that and it causes the problems u are mentioning. Probably quicker to redigitize the design - good luck, someone will come to your rescue i'm sure

by prampelb 24 Oct 2008

Even with version 7 of PEDesign I sometimes have the issue... version 8 is not the cure for this neither at least for some drawings. If you want to email me your drawing I can try for you. I give you my email as a private message. PAt

by dlonnahawkins 24 Oct 2008

I am not familiar with your program - I use 4D Pro, and it adjusts the stitch count. Was it a freebie design from somewhere? I would try to help you get the design resized if I knew what it was.

by sqdancer 24 Oct 2008

Which program are you working with cordura?? I am sure one of the cutes will have an answer for you the meantime hang in there...

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cordura5 by cordura5 24 Oct 2008

I am using PE Design, but an OLD version. Version 4.0 to be exact. Seeing as they just released v.8, I am in the dark ages when it comes to digitizing and working with designs. It would be so much easier to learn to digitize with a program from the 'modern era!'