by crowe 22 Oct 2008

please, please vote for A,B,C, in the snowflake alphabet. Don't know how i have missed them. They are absolutely gorgeous fonts.


by marjialexa Moderator 22 Oct 2008

Hi, Crowe! Jerrilyn (jrob) gave you excellent advice, go to Letvia. However, I think you'll have to wait at least 26 days, because the new alphabet just started, and there are so many people out there who come to vote but don't come to the community, that we just don't have enough voted to surpass them. That alphabet you're talking about is called "Christmas font" I think, and was out last year. Don't pass up the new one, it's great!!! Take a look at the larger pictures, and just imagine these on big fluffy bath towels! Best of luck to you, Marji

by elaine45 22 Oct 2008

Thanks for bringing this up. I had not seen them until now. I voted for them all as did a lot of other Cuties.

by mad14kt 22 Oct 2008

Very Elegant collection ;) *2U

by jrob Moderator 22 Oct 2008

Good Morning, crowe. Best way to get your vote request going is to either post and add tag: Voting Request or Private Message Letvia as we depend on her to keep the request list and give us the link every day to vote on.;)

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mad14kt by mad14kt 22 Oct 2008

Great info ;) *2U