by prampelb 21 Oct 2008

by Cuties section. Any reason for that? Thanks for this nice site. Hoping it gets better very soon... I hate it when my baby is sick! Pat


by jayemcee46 23 Oct 2008

not having much trouble accessing today Jo

by prampelb 23 Oct 2008

It is only this site showing speed problems. Too bad this happens because I love the site but it becomes really unworkable. (PS. my pc is doing fine and I am logging at different times of the day). Sometimes, the pages may be fast but mostly... they are very slow on download. Thanks for your help. Pat

by manami 21 Oct 2008

Good Morning, all. Finally I could log into CUTE, the page was not opening. I thought it was my computer, so I run Norton, but it was ok. Good you have mentioned about the problem. I love this site and I am 'sort of' addicted to it :-) , so I hope this is nothing to worry about.

by claudenicolas 21 Oct 2008

I have much difficult also

by gerryb 21 Oct 2008

Running slow here too. Let's hope it's not a virus that's got us all!! Oh, me! BUT the other sites are running fairly normal.

by misscharlie 21 Oct 2008

It is very S L O W for me today also. I have not had that problem on any other site that I have been to, just cute.

by lindaavolio 21 Oct 2008

Very slow today...I agree

by mad14kt 21 Oct 2008

I'm fine over here also ;) *2U

by newipswich 21 Oct 2008

I haven't been around in awhile; and today I am noticing a big difference in the speed on this site. I didn't notice it on other places that I've been. I'll check out what jrob said in her post.
Hugs & flowers!

by shirlener88 21 Oct 2008

I have noticed it as well - especially today.

by jrob Moderator 21 Oct 2008

I wonder if you are hitting the site that same time that the new designs for the day are being posted. If you look under the alphabet and then the free design there, you will see a timer showing the next time change. Otherwise, I am not having a problem.;)

by debleerl 21 Oct 2008

Try deleting your temporary internet files, cookies, and history. If that doesn't help, you might need to alocate more space for temporary files. Also as suggested, you should do a disk cleanup and defrag periodically. I'm on the internet every day, so I do a cleanup and defrag about once a week or so. If none of theses work you may have spyware running or worse a virus.

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mad14kt by mad14kt 21 Oct 2008

debleer I need you at my house when my computer acts up...LOL ;) *2U

by wendymay60 21 Oct 2008

It does depend on the time of day & the load on your server & cute site. early morning is the fastest time for me & I don't have to try 3 & 4 time to open up a site on internet explorer. Although at times morning becomes very slow so I go outside to weed etc then come back for a break & try again. Also empty your Recycle bin, run disk cleanup & Defrage your machine. it does help.*4u

by ssarner 21 Oct 2008

I have to agree with Mariahail and marjialexa and kittyhwk4. I visit at home and at work and both places are fine for me.

by mops Moderator 21 Oct 2008

Some times of the day it's slower than at other times. Best time for me is in the morning when most of America is still asleep, give or take a couple of Cuties who don't seem to sleep at all.

by marjialexa Moderator 21 Oct 2008

I haven't noticed any difference

by mariahail 21 Oct 2008

It is the same to me...It your computer ok>

by kttyhwk4 21 Oct 2008

Haven't noticed any difference. Maybe you're logging in at a time when the site is very busy. It could also be your computer needs to be defragmented, this will cause your computer to run slower.

by sueffb1 21 Oct 2008

I also have not noticed any difference. Hope this clears up for you because I know how frustrating this can be. But, I do love this site!! Sue *4U

by sqdancer 21 Oct 2008

Could be just at a time when there are a lot of us trying to get into things at the same time, especially when letvia is putting up the voting requests...hang in there...

by lbrow 21 Oct 2008

I have no problems as long as I'm on DSL. But with Dial up it's murder but that is the computers fault, I have not noticed anything different *