by prampelb 20 Oct 2008

Do you know where I can find a meerkat or suricate embroidery design??? This is for a friend of mine that loves meerkats! Thanks Pat


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by ron111otter 22 Oct 2008

There are some nice ones at Embroidery Connection.

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prampelb by prampelb 23 Oct 2008

Waw they are so nice!!! Too bad they are so expensive for a one tine usage... I will think about it because I love them! Thanks to you for this nice site! PAt

by lbrow 21 Oct 2008

dk helped u out there. Hope u found what u wanted *

by dkjack 20 Oct 2008

Ann The Gran has one for free download by Linda Wells

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prampelb by prampelb 20 Oct 2008

Wawwww! THANK YOU so much! Pat