by dpickel 18 Oct 2008

Fell in love with this "one colour" pattern, new this week at EmbLibrary. Just got some new varigated threads from Valdani Thread Company. It's a 35wt, so a "thick" thread - gives great texture. Tested 2 different colours. Love them both for different reason/qualities.


by grannyo 19 Oct 2008

You're right, they both look great!

by mumfinch 19 Oct 2008

very nice

by elaine45 19 Oct 2008

I thin i kike the one on the left best...

by mops Moderator 19 Oct 2008

Nice to see the two, reminds us to experiment a bit with colour. These look both great, but oh so different.

by dkjack 19 Oct 2008

Wow! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing both.

by iris2006 19 Oct 2008

What another thread can do,it's like magic, it's wonderfull.

by stickmuster 19 Oct 2008

beautiful contrast of colors, *4U

by michelej 19 Oct 2008

Yes both a beautiful!!

by shirlener88 19 Oct 2008

Thanks you for sharing both of the design stitched out with each of the colors - they work very well. How expensive is this thread? Do you have the site?

dpickel by dpickel 19 Oct 2008

Shirlene - I sent you a PM with all the details.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 19 Oct 2008

Debbie, thank you - received it, too!

dpickel by dpickel 19 Oct 2008

My pleasure Shirlene!

by sllakin 18 Oct 2008

Both very nice but the one on the black background really stands out nicely! Nice job!

by ezzemml 18 Oct 2008

nice one.

by lbrow 18 Oct 2008

I like the one color patterns also. this is really nice. I've never tried the thick thread embroidery. I love the color with the varigated thread. *4U

by sherylac 18 Oct 2008

Lovely, I love varigated threads,I love the way the different fall, sometimes in patterns, great work

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dpickel by dpickel 18 Oct 2008

I find it amusing to see how "lucky" some colours end up seemingly in the correct place to shade, or detail. I love watching varigated stitch out more than regular thread...

by simplyrosie 18 Oct 2008

Oh wow... funny how thread colors can create such a complete design. Nice job.

by adelmarie 18 Oct 2008

It looks wonderful on both colors. I really like the varigated thread effect

by shirleysisson 18 Oct 2008

Beautiful - the variegated thread gives a wonderful effect. *4U

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dpickel by dpickel 18 Oct 2008

Thank you very much. The thread is a bit tricky to work with (more likely to break, even on the slowest machine speed setting) but it's worth it I think.

by annmounce 18 Oct 2008

Both are beautiful. Wow !

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dpickel by dpickel 18 Oct 2008

Thank you. Their colour selection is incredible! Some are more obvious changes, others are more subtle. It was tough narrowing my order down!