by joke46 14 Oct 2008

For the digitizers new cliparts at


by dkjack 14 Oct 2008

Thank you for the reminder. They are really cute. *4U

by marymoore 14 Oct 2008

those are so cue thank you

by clawton 14 Oct 2008

Thanks, they are cute. I might be able to do those someday!

by simplyrosie 14 Oct 2008

You girls KNOW I'll have to take that giraffe and put her on my GM's clothes... :-) Thanks for the reminder... I always forget.

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clawton by clawton 14 Oct 2008

It would be perfect. How is she doing? I assume she has already moved.

by letvia 14 Oct 2008

Thank you so much. Flower and XoXo