by superfroggirl 14 Oct 2008

MY brother and his girlfriend concived a baby with she was accutane.. they are now 17 weeks pregnant which you would think would be a happy occasion and it was until we all just found out that accutane is such a deadly medicine for unborn babies.. and can cause such horrible birth defects and malformations.. and that they may have to terminate their pregnancy!! they won't know until they have an ultrasound on oct29th.. and she will be 19 or 20 weeks pregnant!! I am so worried about the 3 of them.. they are getting so excited about having a baby and now they found this out.. and they dont want to talk about it either.. so i dunno!!

also my gramma in law is fighting breast cancer and has two lumpectomys with no success and will soon be getting a double masectomy.. she is doing fine as far as i know.. but i also know that the piece that is left is so close to her heart.. she is 82 or 83 i think.. my husband is so worried too!! he still has 4 grandparents and I only have one left and I know the heartache of losing them and i dunno im just rambling i think.. i just wanted to get it out and maybe get some perspective!!
thank you for letting me go on and on!!


by ibht2k2 14 Oct 2008

Look at all these responses Stacey. Know that we all care and will do anything we can. God has a plan for all of us, even the unborn baby. Whatever happens will be in his hands. We are praying for all of you. I really do believe in the power of prayer - I personally have seen it work. Maybe we could send some angels to grandma if you let us know where to send them.

by sanc 14 Oct 2008

That is truly sad about the baby, but maybe this can be overcome so they can have another baby later. I'm not at all familiar with accutane. I can also sympathize with your grandma-in-law. Her age may be a factor, but they can do sooooo much now. You and your family are in our prayers. God takes care of us and His will be done. We had an 8-week preemie great grandson on 9-11-08. He is now home and doing well. We were quite worried because he stopped breathing sometimes. God has His divine plan for all us us. We all need to pray and follow his way.

by debrar 14 Oct 2008

I see you are very worried. You can share with this group. You will be in my prayers along with the rest of your family.

by jrob Moderator 14 Oct 2008

Stacey, What unsettling times you are going through. God had his hand on that baby the second it was conceived. He loves it more than anything, just as he does each and every one of us. The reason that they don't want to talk is that they are in the first stage of grief...denial. That is the normal process that we go through when faced with a tragedy or perceived tragedy. They will talk when they are ready.All you can do is respect their privacy wishes and pray for them all. Spend as much time as you can with gramma in law. Do special things for her...Embroider her a breast cancer angel. She just needs the support of her family and prayers. I will pray for peace for you all, and God's perfect will be done.

by superfroggirl 14 Oct 2008

Thank you all for your prayers!! I really appreciate your prayers and support!! My brother and his girlfriend have a lot to think about over the next few weeks.. and god willing they will make the best desion for the baby!!

by clawton 14 Oct 2008

We don't mind at all. Sometimes that's all it takes to make us feel better. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

by shirleysisson 14 Oct 2008

How wonderful for you to have a place where you can feel secure enough to unload on others who care. A problem shared is a problem halved. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. *4U

by shirlener88 14 Oct 2008

Stacey, what better place to let it all out - than with your CUTE family - we will be praying for acceptance of God will for this little family. Know we all have you in our arms and are so thrilled you felt you could share about all of this. Please know that ladies, at your grandma-in-laws age - also know what they are facing and are prepared for what God has in store for them, as well.

by marymoore 14 Oct 2008

stacy you may go on and on hre we love each other and pray for each other i for one never prayed till i came here and met people and then i seen a embers post her name is cutiepie that is when i started to get religion in my life and my life has been better since i did i know us cuties will be praying it is in our Gods ands and he has loving caring hands so please come when you need to talk we are here

by gerryb 14 Oct 2008

Yes, accutane can cause problems. BUT our God is much more mightly than a simple, man made drug. AND He supports those that turn to Him. We will all be praying and please let us know how your Gramma is doing too!!

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by blhamblen 14 Oct 2008

I'm an "old" mom.. got PG at 35 and was told all the horror stories you never want to hear! My son is 18, was born smiling and still is :) God has a plan and HE will take care of ALL of you. You are all in my prayers :) and we have all found out at one time or another PRAYER is POWERFUL.

by lbrow 14 Oct 2008

Stacey, bless your heart, that's what friends r 4 to listen. I know God n his great wisdom has a reason 4 everything so all r going to have to have faith, I know it must b very troubling not knowing what the future holds. but as the song goes "I know who holds tomorrow & who holds my hand. His Grace & comfort is there, so teach them to lean. My prayers r for u all.. * and I'm so glad u shared your feelings with us.

by stitchship 14 Oct 2008

I know people who have lived through similar nightmares, and chose to keep the babies. One of them was told her child would even have mongolism (tests revealed things like that), and she was born beautiful and perfect! Others have had minor defects, but live full and wonderful lives! God is merciful and faithful. In our own church a couple just went through a similar situation. They prayed, and the baby was born as close to perfect as any baby could be! I will keep them in my prayers!

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Oct 2008

Dearest Stacy, I know how worried you must be. I am praying for you and the exspecting couple. I can only say that I agree with what was said already. We have some very wise Cuties. Keep us posted. Try not to be anxious. God is in control.

by misscharlie 14 Oct 2008

Just know that God will oversee everything, trust in Him and you will oneday be singing His praises for the miracles he will perform. If you ever need to you can email me, addy in my profile. I probably won't be able to help too much but I can be a darn good listener. I will be praying for you and your family ((((((Stacey))))) :x *

by dlonnahawkins 14 Oct 2008

Stacy - I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I want to tell you about my million dollar miracle grandson. My daughter and SinL tried to have a child. She lost a baby, and they were told it was best not to try again. Well, she was all ready pregnant, which was a surprise to all concerned. Since she was a high risk pregnancy she had multiple ultrasounds, and tests. Well, about 3 months into her pregnancy they detected that the baby's kidneys were malformed and not functioning. Long story short - she carried that beautiful boy full term. Yes her was born with a kidney defect, but he out grew that, and is now 16 years old, almost 6' tall, and a joy for all of us to have with us. God has his plan for all life. Wishing you and your family all the best.

by simplyrosie 14 Oct 2008

Oh Stacey, so many doctors predict deformed babies and they come out perfectly... and not only that, but GOD creates life... please have your brother and his girlfriend seek counsel before making an irreversable decision.

Stacey, you will be on the top of my prayer list... I'm writing it down as I say this. May you find comfort in all you're going through. Hang in there friend.. we're right beside you.