by ejtads 12 Oct 2008

Ok, this might be a silly question...........

What is being used to do the toilet paper roll for embroidery?


by lbrow 12 Oct 2008

U got good answers I just finished up a whole bunch my daughter is using them 4 a fundraiser to raise money for school books & she still has orders coming in. told me yesterday she needed 20 more next week. I'm starting to feel like I'm on a roll LOL *4U

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misscharlie by misscharlie 12 Oct 2008

too funny lady I love it! mwaaaaaaaa *

by camylow 12 Oct 2008

thanks for asking...i was going to do the same, but i forgot.*4u

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ejtads by ejtads 12 Oct 2008

I am glad that this will help you out also.

by nglover1 12 Oct 2008

You have great answers I will just give you a flower

by katydid 12 Oct 2008

Every one gave you good answers. Don't forget to let us know how you did.

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ejtads by ejtads 12 Oct 2008

I will let everyone know when I get one done. Plus a big flower and thank you's to everyone.

by clawton 12 Oct 2008

The Emb. Library link is very good that sllakin gave you. Very small font sometimes get a bet lost in the paper but it works. I use cut-a-way sabilizer on the back. Sometimes I use WWS on the top. But the heavy wt. is difficult to remove without tearing the paper. A ligth wt. may work. I do think the design stays on top and give a better appearance with the WWS. Although it isn't necessary to use anything on the top.

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ejtads by ejtads 12 Oct 2008

Thank you.........I have seen projects that were listed and thooought that I might give it a try.

by sllakin 12 Oct 2008

Here is a link to a nice tutorial:;CS_ProductID=PR1041

toet by toet 12 Oct 2008

thankyou i think will have a go *4U

ejtads by ejtads 12 Oct 2008

Thank you so much for the link. I will check it out.

by misscharlie 12 Oct 2008

Not sure what you mean by being used. Personally I use a used fabric softener sheet Big Lots TP no top stabilizer. Some cuties make wraps for their TP projects instead of embroidering directly onto the TP. Hope this helped!*

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katydid by katydid 12 Oct 2008

I make wraps, less headaches!!! I don't like stress!!

by marjialexa Moderator 12 Oct 2008

You embroider right on the roll, unrolling the first part of course, with regular cut away stabilizer & embroidery thread. I've not done it, so I'll let the gals who have give you more specific directions. I do covers. Best of luck, and a big Welcome to the Cute family!!! Marji

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katydid by katydid 12 Oct 2008

me too, on covers!!!