by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

I emailed them but haven't heard from them. I changed the colors and they were fine but time consuming . Just wanted to know if anyone had the same problem. Thank you , Nancy


by migs 14 Jan 2009

Hi Nancy, unfortunately you'll get this when your sewing out a design ~ digitized on a different machine to yours & colours come up totally different. Best thing is to use your own colours once you've given the design a test-run & know the stops, etc.

by blessinge 12 Jan 2009

The colors are usually wrong with the designs. I print a color layer chart using Embird. This shows each part of the design in the order it is stitched out. I can then write on the printed paper with the correct colors or the colors I choose. I save the paper in a notebook for the next time I use that design.

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iris2006 by iris2006 12 Jan 2009

That is what I always do too.

by bikermomfl 12 Jan 2009

every single design I ever get from anybody (almost) the colors are never what is shown in the pix - even the ones I buy - so I'm sure to edit them in my 4D embroidery software before stitching. I also print out the design, gives me the list of colors and then I just add it to my notebook for use the next time. Makes it easier for me.

by grandmamek 12 Jan 2009

I have a Janome and the colors are always different than theirs. So I print out one of their color charts and then try and match up as close as I can to their color scheme. I think it is the trouble with your machine.

by shirlener88 12 Jan 2009

Nancy, I have always had trouble with the colors - that come to me - so I change them - before I save them or I generally will do that - before I transfer them to my machine - if I happen to forget - I do go into the desing online and look at it or print out the color chart - to follow - as I stitch the design out. Good luck with it - they always say that it is the program that you use - not so much - theirs - but yours. Hehehe!

by raels011 12 Jan 2009

Thae colours are always wrong for me with janome 300E so I check the colour charts

by mariahail 12 Jan 2009

They will contact you, Debra is real good about that. I like their designs a lot but sometimes I do have problems, sometimes... is my fault.LOL.************

by elaine45 11 Jan 2009

The colors form there are sort of goofy. Print out the color sheet and there is no problem.

by katydid 11 Jan 2009

I always print out the designs and then use it as a guide to change the colors. Go to order History and you can print the designs there. I thought it was my software. May be others have the same problem.

by tabrewer 11 Jan 2009

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the design. It's the way the machine software "sees" or "reads" the colors. (Are you using Viking 4D software?) The people at emblibrary are aware of this and are working on a solution. I go through this all the time with various companies. I love emblibrary designs, but my viking software does the same thing. Most sites including emblibrary have a color chart. You can print out the chart along with the color stops and use that to match up your thread colors in your software. Time consuming, but the only way some will work. Hope this helps.


by jasanne 11 Jan 2009

This often happens when designs are converted from one file type to another eg: pes to jef. With Embroidery Library they have a colour change sheet which I always print out and follow. I never follow the colour my machine says - it's always wrong! And usually I choose my colours as I go anyway so I don't bother changing the colours in the design file.

by sanc 11 Jan 2009

I always go to their Thread Exchange program. It takes a while to convert all the colors from theirs to the thread I am using, but they always seem to be OK after converting.

by brn2btl 11 Jan 2009

I print the color change sheet from each of their designs as purchased, etc. I have done the same thing you have done and it usually comes out awful.

by katydid 09 Oct 2008

I understand they design in EXP and DST format and my software doesn't recognize their colors correctly either. I am lucky I have color change program, but sometimes it is time consuming with 30 thread changes aggravating. They use Madeira thread and frequently switch back and forth from rayon to poly colors. I find if I print out the design from their web site on the order page it is helpful.

by lbrow 09 Oct 2008

I've got it but haven't tried to stitch out. My machine never show the same colors so have to figure out on my on but u can print out one for the design can't U? *4U

by dkjack 06 Oct 2008

Sorry you were disappointed. My machine usually doesn't pick up the correct color in the parts of the designs. I have my laptop next to my machine with the pattern up so I can see what the color is. I don't save the color chart with most designs unless it is a pretty complicated design because I end up changing it anyway.

by dpickel 06 Oct 2008

I have never had any troubles with their patterns. I print the colour change sheet and then convert the colours MANUALLY (not in my machine because then they ARE wrong). It all depends what thread company you use, the default your machine is set to, etc. I also visually try to match colours because even manually translating colours (with My Thread Box) the colours can be a little off.

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank You a flower for you

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by brn2btl 06 Oct 2008

The colors are wrong every time. Print the design and figure the colors from the design. I also have problems with the colors from EmbLibrary.

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank You That is what I did but it does take a longer time. A flower for you

by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank you Everyone .

by eveve 06 Oct 2008

i havent sew up. but i bought one of the critters set. end up put wrong colors because machine told me other color. So in the end i have a weird design. ARgk. i've emailed them but they didnt get back to me. Its been 1wk or so if not wrong.

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank You now I know to check colors first A flower for you

by sqdancer 06 Oct 2008

I always open the color chart, copy it into Notepad and save it in the file with the design, same name as the design. With Embird this shows all of the Madeira colors in the proper order and the designs come out fine....If the design is ..397096.pes (mother goose) then you save the txt file as 397096.txt, be sure you save it in the same file where you design is saved...try it Nancy...

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank You A flower for you

by mariahail 06 Oct 2008

I love emblibrary but often I had problems with the colors, thais why I like to do a test before doing any thing.***

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

That is a good Idea Thank You A flower for you

by jrob Moderator 06 Oct 2008

I always have trouble with their colors, but I always just use my own. Has something to do with the program they use.;)

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

Thank You Jerrilyn. A flower for you

by adelmarie 06 Oct 2008

No problems at all. I seams to me like you where not using the color chart that is provided with the design, it has the colors in the correct oder and will stitch out as ilustrated on the site. Did you just used the default colors that your software assigns to the designs?

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

No I printed the color chart and they were wrong also Thank Yuo A flower for you

by marymoore 06 Oct 2008

i have that problem all the time man you should see some of the ann geddies i have the babies are green i do as u i just change the colors or watch and just do colors by eye when they are sewing out

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nglover1 by nglover1 06 Oct 2008

First time I have had this with emb. Lib , Mary . Was a surprise . Thank you for answering .