by dpickel 04 Oct 2008

Cute little canvas bag that was begging for embelishment also. Embroidery Library supplied the inspiration again.


by stork 14 Oct 2008

How cute. What a great use of this design and I love the bright primary colors.

by simplyrosie 14 Oct 2008

Sure stitched out nicely!!!! What size is this design... good job.

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dpickel by dpickel 14 Oct 2008

6.8"x4" is the size

by michelej 09 Oct 2008

Very nice and colourful!!

by grannyo 09 Oct 2008

This is so cute to do some shopping with. Nice work.

by path 08 Oct 2008

Looks fabulous. Having a great time with your new machine, right? Love...MOM

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dpickel by dpickel 08 Oct 2008

But of course! You know me so well Ma! :)

by mops Moderator 08 Oct 2008

Nice job and cute saying. I love your bags.

by annmounce 08 Oct 2008

I love the colors you chose for the project ! Were you able to stitch all of that without taking a seam out of the canvas bag ?

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dpickel by dpickel 08 Oct 2008

Yes! I can now do that with my new machine (Janome MB-4). WIth my Janome 11000, I was having to open the seams.

by kezza2sew 07 Oct 2008

I feel scrappy most daze....hehehe......
Ok, forget my sick humor.... it is lovely and bright...

by lbrow 07 Oct 2008

Nice job I love this saying, You're doing so well u may earn the title of bag lady *4U

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dpickel by dpickel 08 Oct 2008

Please, no! I am too young for that yet! Hehe :)

by shirleysisson 07 Oct 2008

What a gorgeous design. *4U

by clawton 04 Oct 2008

Great looking

by adelmarie 04 Oct 2008

Looks really nice.

by kathyjt 04 Oct 2008

Sew cute *4u

by dlonnahawkins 04 Oct 2008

Such a crafty one you are!