by ssarner 02 Oct 2008

Did any of you buy Hello Kitty embroidery design from other web sites and the quality is good. Please let me know. I am trying to put a my best friend's daughter soccer team logo together which the name is KittyCanKick. Thanks.


by gerryvb 03 Oct 2008

on this site see link, they have several hello kitty designs, they are for fee. You only have to mail them and mention which design-numbers you would like and they send them by mail. I've embroidered one of them for my gr.d. it turned out very well.Good luck.

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guerriero by guerriero 19 Oct 2009

bella si puo scaricare gratis'grazie.

by colonies1 03 Oct 2008

I agree be careful of the designs that are to good to be true...........cause problaby they aren't

by nglover1 02 Oct 2008

Thank You for sharing this A flower for you

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Oct 2008

Ssarner, does the embroidery specifically have to be Hello Kitty, or can it be any kitty? I found everything on the web from Hello Kitty waffle makers, to toasters, to purses to clothes, but NO embroidery designs. I know Janome has a Hello Kitty sewing machine, but I don't see where they have Hello Kitty designs. Maybe they don't exist? How about just a regular kitty face? I think the name of the soccer team is really cute!! Best of Luck, Marji

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ssarner by ssarner 03 Oct 2008

It was all because I made my son's soccer team everyone t-shirt which the team name is PokeTiger. One team member has sister and she loves Hello Kitty and has to have Kitty in the team name. Her mom asked me whether that is doable. I said I tried but no garantee because of Hello Kitty. I can digitize one by myself but not sure that is ok to do.

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Oct 2008

Please take note: I'm not sure what country this Gina is operating out of, but I'm fairly certain she is selling licenced designs illegally. She has a vast array of Disney characters, Marvel Comics, NFL, major league baseball, etc., and she is selling them at unbelievably low prices. I contacted her to ask how she could afford the license fees, and she never answered me back. I know that Dakota, the ones that sell the CD's in the sewing machine dealers for $50 & up for 10 designs have had a hard time negotiating deals with NASCAR, etc. I just find it not credible that Gina negotiated licenses with Disney & the NFL to sell whole sets of 30 & more designs for sometimes less than $10. For heaven's sake, ladies, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS!! If she ever gets caught, all your computer addresses will be on her computer for the police to download. Hello Kitty is a Sanrio design, you could search Sanrio. If the designs are legitimate, they will have a 'used with permission' or 'licensed for use by Sanrio' disclaimer on them, and they surely won't be $5 or free. Please, please be careful with these things, for your own good. I don't want to sound preachy, but some day one of these illegal designs is gonna rear right up and bite you somehow. It has happened in the past, will happen again. Please don't be the one to get caught, ok? Love you all, Marji

by adelmarie 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for letting us know. I have not get designs from there before, sorry can't give you any help.

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ssarner by ssarner 02 Oct 2008

The fill in the body part was all wavy. I used double stabilizer and top stabilizer and still won't stop the wavy part.

by lbrow 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for sharing this info. Have never gotten anything from this site. Can't help U with missKitty designs but I'm sure others will b along that can *4U