by suezz 27 Sep 2008

Why when I answer a question the edit will not go away? This just started 2 days ago. Thanks,Susan


by colonies1 28 Sep 2008

welcome and enjoy. You got your answer so I will give a *

by suezz 28 Sep 2008

Thank you all.A *4u all

by clawton 28 Sep 2008

It does stay for a while.

by nglover1 28 Sep 2008

Its Ok gives you time to correct or add to message. Welcome to the Cute Family A flower for you

by iris2006 28 Sep 2008

Welcome to Cute and have fun

by gramsbear 27 Sep 2008

Welcome to Cute, Enjoy this site, there is a lot to do here. and a flower for you!

by blackie 27 Sep 2008

Hi Suezz welcome and have fun - its a great place to visit and ask questions and post projects and give flowers *****

by dkjack 27 Sep 2008

Welcome to our Cute Family. *4U

by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

Warmest welcome to the cute family! It's a great place to "hang out" as my teenagers would say. Enjoy.

by misscharlie 27 Sep 2008

I love the edit button wish there was one for when I post a Q lol. I hate it when the edit button goes away just love that lil thang!* welcome to cute!

by lbrow 27 Sep 2008

Adele ans. U suezz & as I remember I have already welcomed U to cutes. the edit goes away after awhile. *4U

by sandralochran 27 Sep 2008

Welcome to the Cute Family

getEdited - SELECT
by adelmarie 27 Sep 2008

It is not a bug at all. Is is perfectly fine, the edit button stays on for a while that way is you misspell a word or will like to edit your answer you can come back to the post and edit it. Welcome to cute