by bonita1313 26 Sep 2008

Please check out this online back-up site that is VERY reasonable and is highly recommended. With so many design files I absolutely do not want to lose, I researched this sight and only pay $4.95 a month for up to 100GB of storage. THAT IS A LOT OF STORAGE SPACE!!!


by lbrow 02 Oct 2008

Look at what Eric/Amarilloactor just posted a few mins ago & u will see what a nightmare is *4U

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meganne by meganne 03 Oct 2008

Oh Heavens! I hate to say "I told you so", but I've been screaming Virus warnings for months.
It absolutely breaks my heart to think this tragedy can be avoided if only EVERYONE would listen.
hugs n roses, friend, Meganne

by bdrouin 02 Oct 2008

I have just lost my hard drive and of course my designs. Instead of renting online space, write your designs onto cds. The copies are with you. You never have to worry about a site staying online and servers also crash. You could also save to a memory stick. If the files are zipped they use less space but you can get alot of designs onto one disc. I also learned a handy tip, not sure where, but when you download a design, download it onto the cd you're using as well as onto your hard drive. Easy steps for peace of mind. Also backup frequently or buy a twin hard drive system outside your computer. The drives mirror each other so if one drive dies you have your info on the other. Replace dead drive but you still have everything. You can also set up for automatic backup so you don't have to remember.

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meganne by meganne 03 Oct 2008

IF you use DVD's $25.00 for pack of 50 good Sony Brand, they will hold 4.7 Gigabytes instead of only 650 Megabytes. If my maths is correct that's over 7 times the amount of storage.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by meganne 02 Oct 2008

My external drive is 300 gb and I only have 35 gb free space left, so 100 gb wouldn't go very far towards my needs i'm afraid, but thanks for the suggestion. It would be very helpful for those who don't have external drives, as long as the website stays in business.
hugs n roses, M

bonita1313 by bonita1313 02 Oct 2008

Hi Meganne--the 100GB is the MOST space you can get for $4.95 a month. You can get as much space as you like--but the price goes up. It is still very inexpensive. *4U Bonita

meganne by meganne 03 Oct 2008

Ah gotcha, That's what I thought it might be.
I think I'd rather buy DVD's only $25 for 50.
When you consider that Neoplanet and Netscape and so many other Software/Web companies have gone out of business, including two huge International companies I had worked for......
No, I think i'll keep my files where I know their safety is not governed by the very risky economy.
But thanks, Meganne

by bonita1313 02 Oct 2008

I am bringing this TTT for Eric. Please check this system out. It is online back-up. Also, go to and check out their external hard-drives. I picked up a Calvery 360GB external hard drive there for sixty-five dollars. It is very small and runs on a USB connected to your computer. Very nice and worry free!!!

by adelmarie 26 Sep 2008

Yes, it is a nice idea. I have this but from a diferent provider and also have an external hard drive.

by nova533 26 Sep 2008

I have had several crashes ... and accept it as the cost of being online. I keep everything on an external drive and a spare cpu ...

by colonies1 26 Sep 2008

I have a drive I back up on...........lost data ages ago and learned. Before embroidery designs thank heaven. But thanks for telling us. I'll check it out and maybe >>>>>>>we will see.

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by bonita1313 26 Sep 2008

I forgot to mention up to 2GB is free! If you send referrals, you get extra space. A good deal! My referral code is: 4DU7MK

by clawton 26 Sep 2008

Thankfully not. I have an external drive that I back up on.