by jayemcee46 23 Sep 2008

Aunty was 1 of 11- the last of my mothers brothers and sisters and an amazing 93 out living all her parents and siblings ages, her mind was as sharp as a razor, but her body had started to fall apart. She loved her own home and would have loathed being in full time residential care. Thank you all for your messages, kind thoughts and prayers, it is good to be back among friends. hugs n * Jo


by auntbaba 24 Sep 2008

Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's death; it does sound like she had a very full life. *4U

by clawton 24 Sep 2008

Welcome back. I trust that you had safe travel. Sorry to hear about you aunt. Families help us to be strong for one another.

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Sep 2008

Hi, Jo, glad you're back ok. Yeah, I agree, families should meet other than at funerals. That's the only time I ever see my cousins, then they always say, "We should get together other than funerals" hee hee hee, but they never do, never have time. I'm glad your aunty didn't end up in a nursing home, anyway. That's my worst fear of all. Marji

by shirleysisson 24 Sep 2008

Glad to have you back. *4U

by colonies1 23 Sep 2008

glad your back and sorry about your aunt.......familys should get together more often not just for funerals and weddings.

by lbrow 23 Sep 2008

It's always a shame that families cannot get together anymore than what they do these day. glad to have u back with us. U were missed *

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marymoore by marymoore 23 Sep 2008

well said lillian i know my family cannot be together to long or a fight will break out

by jrob Moderator 23 Sep 2008

Good to have you back,Jo.

by blhamblen 23 Sep 2008

Welcome home :) Isn't it always Weddings and Funerals that get the relatives together...WHY? :( * to make the hurt go away.