by stitchship 22 Sep 2008

Do you store them by designer, or site, or do you do categories, and how long does it take to file ALL the designs. How do you ever find them?


by adelmarie 22 Sep 2008

I categorize them but also store them in a folder with the name from the site that they came from. But only do this for the designs I either buy or have site membership. All the other ones are pretty much on category folders and half of the time don't even remer where they came from (ie. redwork, lace, animals,flowers,etc..)

by marymoore 22 Sep 2008

i also catagorize like most here but i also put where they came from

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stitchship by stitchship 03 Oct 2008

I have started doing that lately... Thanks

by tabsolom 22 Sep 2008

Yes I download them into folders in the names of the website where I downloaded them from it helps me to remember where I got them from, *4u

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by nglover1 22 Sep 2008

Yes when I DL I rename the design in something I know where to find them like Lace, Quilt,Christmas , Floral , etc. I have started to also put where I got them . ( example dbs = designs by sick , emblib = embroidery Library , Cute =Cute etc. ) I also add Large in front of the 5x7 designs and xlarge in front of the 7x11 designs.( I have two machine with different size hoops this lets me locate them faster ) This is how I handle it . Hope this helps. A flower for you

by eveve 22 Sep 2008

I'm new with this too and here's how I do things...

1-Purchases (all my purchases go into her), seperate by orders. I dont have much and wont buy much so it wont be a problem to me.

2-Under 'Own Downloads' I have names like Alphabets, Animals-land, Animals-Sea,Bugs-Butterfly,Birds etc. So under ALphabets, I have their own group names, Animals i will have sub folders like 'horse', 'cows' etc.

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stitchship by stitchship 03 Oct 2008

That is the problem... we all say that in the beginning. But... then you have years of accumulated Freebies. I have thousands and thousands of Freebies. :)

by misscharlie 22 Sep 2008

Unfortunately when I first started collecting designs I just grabbed and stored in a folder marked embroidery designs. Then (after collecting over 50,000 desingns) I started making categories alphas holidays etc. That wasn't too bright of me, but I was new and didn't really know I would end up with over 100,000 designs and counting lol. I would say in the past 6 wks I have finally smartened up and I save them in the category in a folder w/ the site name ie
Holidays/Christmas/Snowmen/ Also saved to Seasons/winter/snowmen/ I noticed so many times ppl ask you where you got a design from and now for the ones I have gotten in the past 6 wks I can answer lol.

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stitchship by stitchship 03 Oct 2008

Sounds like what I used to do... :)

by lbrow 22 Sep 2008

Pretty much like everyone saysI go c/cute emb/alphas, or lace, or flowers or christmas or whatever. to me that's the easiest way. but I didn't use to do it that way so I have hundreds of designs that I don't have a clue where they came from. *

by katydid 22 Sep 2008

I bought the CD from Sick so I wouldn't have to spend hours downloading. I also suggested to to Veronika to offer a CD of her designs to members. She answered me that she would consider it. If you think it would be a good idea then let her know. She certainly listens to all our request.

by grannyo 22 Sep 2008

This is an excellent question. I download the designs by digiter. Later about 3 times a year (it should be more often) I put and sort them in my catalog program. This program keeps my sanity. I can put a design in several different catagories without copying the file on my hard drive. It just files the name and points to where it is on my hard drive. Plus the catalog shows me a picture of each of the designs in thumbnail or any size I choose. *4u

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mariahail by mariahail 23 Sep 2008

what is a catalog program and where can I get it? I just download designs and burn to a disk, and then have a mess, that is why I never remeber where they come from.Thanks.

by michele921 22 Sep 2008

I do it by catagories animals, baby, font, clothes, x-mas fall, spring and so on then in each folder I break down into different groups as needed like animals has cat, dog, bird, wild animals ( covers a lot that I do not have mounds of) and so on I do have others for uncatorigized files I keep them there until I figure out where I want to put them or if I need to start a new folder just for them

by clawton 22 Sep 2008

I use topics such as alphabets, animals, flowers, Christmas and etc. I also have folders inside of most of the main ones such as in animals I have farm animals, horses, bears,and etc. I not faithful at it but like to add the site to the name, abbreviated, of the design when I download it. I started using the site names but them I would have flowers designs in LOTS of places. I like the topic much better. When I come across a design that doesn't fit any of the existing folders I make a new folder for that type. That way you add the folders that you need as you go.

by americangirl 22 Sep 2008

I store my designs by designer. Then you if you try to download something that you already have, your computer knows it. Then I also have them by catagory, like baby, flowers, kitchen. . .but then I break it up even more after that. Like for baby, I have baby boy, baby girl, baby saying, baby fonts, baby animals. . . , so that it is easy to find things. Hope this helps.

by simplyrosie 22 Sep 2008

I separate ALL my designs by type and then designer... 1st is like: FSL, Designs, Redwork, Applique... then 2nd: Babylock, Bernina, Embroidery Library, etc... and then 3rd by catagories: Animals, Holidays... etc...

Seems lengthy, but I don't like to mix designs from different digitizers because they stitch out differently on a garment... I also have Studio Gallery and can see them in there.

And no, I don't download all the designs from membership places... only the ones I'm going to use/need. But I also have a 500 gig external drive that I keep them in (and routinly back up to DVDs)

by salsabil 22 Sep 2008

I have always a little mess in my designfiles, a part is tidy up and the rest is awaiting the time I will have time to tidy them up...