by ibht2k2 16 Sep 2008

Just finished the top of my very 1st quilt. It is going to be my grandsons Christmas present. They say you learn from your mistakes; boy did I learn ALOT! My daughter said I spent more time taking stitches out than I did sewing them! I think she's right.


by clawton 18 Sep 2008

He should certainly love this quilt! It is beautiful. Love the color combination.

by roslyn 18 Sep 2008

Lovely. Very suitable for a boy. What young lad doesn't like Cars and trucks . Great Effort

by stickmuster 18 Sep 2008

Welcome ibht2k2! Super Quilt! Their grandson will be over the moon. He will drive to every night in his dreams another truck! Flowers for you

by lbrow 17 Sep 2008

It look simply marvelous, & welcome to the cute fmlty. We r very glad to have U with us. *4U

by ejtads 17 Sep 2008

What a great looking quilt! I'm sure that your grandson is going to cherish this. Thanks for sharing.

by jofrog2000 17 Sep 2008

Great one. I have a stack of sew outs of Cars, but that's not at the top of my list. I like the sashing and corner squares. Gives a little zing.

by ibht2k2 17 Sep 2008

Thank you all for your nice comments. I am now inspired to do one for the rest of my grandchildren (6)! Ah, but Christmas is so close. I've already started 2 of them, but don't know if I will have the time. Especially with my youngest GS turning 1 next month. I've been busy sewing for the party! I also have another grandchild due in April. A Grandmas job is never done.

by blackie 17 Sep 2008

But wasn't it worth all the trouble this is truly an inspiration and your GS is going to love it forever!!!!!!! Well done and *4U

by grandmapapers 17 Sep 2008

Wow! Great job, your grandson will love it, if not I know some of mine would. Think of all you learned doing it.

by uscmom 17 Sep 2008

I can see this was a lot of work and you did a great job! Don't forget to sew a label on the back with your name, who you made it for and the date.

by colonies1 17 Sep 2008

wow is right.........this is beautiful. Well done and I just love it. He will love I am sure.

by shirleysisson 17 Sep 2008

Wow - what a beautiful quilt. Any little boy would love this. Well done. *4U

by sqdancer 17 Sep 2008

What the heck that is what it is all about, learning something new every day...looks great to me I am sure he will love it... *4U

by anna25775 17 Sep 2008

great job! your grandson is lucky, its a lovely quilt. well done *

by grannyo 17 Sep 2008

What a wonderful work of love. This will be charished for many, many years. *4u

by bdrouin 17 Sep 2008

Great job for your first. Your grandson will love it.

by dgrammy 17 Sep 2008

oh so cute he will love it,great job

by mops Moderator 17 Sep 2008

Your quilt looks lovely. Very nice Christmas present!

by catwoman123 17 Sep 2008

It looks great,grandson wii love it.

by kathyjt 17 Sep 2008

Looks great my 3yr old grandson would love this. kathyjt

by sufferingsonje 17 Sep 2008

Well the learning curve end result looks very good. Sure he will love it. Now for the next *4u

by raels011 17 Sep 2008

It looks good and we all learn from our mistakes so don't worry we all have them

by kezza2sew 17 Sep 2008

your first quilt looks lovely good on ya

by sherylac 17 Sep 2008

What a great design for boys, your grandsons will love it. Well done!!!

by annyn 17 Sep 2008

Nice for boys!! Your grandson will love it. Great job.

by stitchship 17 Sep 2008

LOL! I can't tell your mistakes, so that is a good thing! The quilt is reallly nice. He will love this quilt. It is really nice!

by michelej 17 Sep 2008

I love it. You did a great job. *4u

by shirlener88 16 Sep 2008

Kathy great job - I think you took the right about out and left the right amount in place!

by 100pandas 16 Sep 2008

This looks great, one day I would like to attempt one.

by mariahail 16 Sep 2008

This is lovely...***

by adelmarie 16 Sep 2008

I love this one, my soon will go crazy about it if he see it. He has cars all over his room. Very nice job. ****2U Your grandson will surely love it.