by suezz 16 Sep 2008

I signed up at Mistymountain. How or where do you find the free designs?


by lbrow 17 Sep 2008

Hello suezz Welcome to the cute fmly & u have received quite a lot of answers & welcomes. We r glad to help u any way we can. Ask the ques. & someone will b along to andwer U ortell u where u can get an answer. We love our craft & want everyone else to love it also. We love giving flowers they r like hugs 4 U to make u smile & they make us happy 4 giving. *4U

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suezz by suezz 13 Oct 2008

Thank you *4U

by oldandgrey 16 Sep 2008

Have you signed up for the free newsletter? If that is what you have done then you will be given a link to their yahoo group & you will find heaps of free designs there, including a number of Alphabets lol

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suezz by suezz 17 Sep 2008

Yes, I did sign up for the newsletter & the yahoo group. Thanks for your help.

by gramsbear 16 Sep 2008

Welcome to Cute, I'm sure you will love it here. Sometimes they seem to hide them well, but if you look at each design page, you will find them. *4U

by dlonnahawkins 16 Sep 2008

Look in all of the designs, and scroll to the bottom. You can still get the beautiful Amarylis Alphabet, and start your Zest Zinnia. Good luck in your hunt.

by sqdancer 16 Sep 2008

Right now there is only the A in the new Autumn Alpha, the Amaryllis is still all there but will be removed so if you want it better look for it...A lot of the letters are on two different pages but the others are scattered around so you have to go into each design section and go to the bottom of the pages...good luck... and welcome to Cute...

by ronald 16 Sep 2008

Hi, I just came from mistymountain, not all sets have free designs, lock onto a design set and scroll all the way to the bottom. gutshot

by suezz 16 Sep 2008

Hi to all

Thank you so much. You all sure do answer fast!Thanks

by kttyhwk4 16 Sep 2008

The only free design that is showing up today is the Amaryllis Font and it will only be up for 3days. Check back tomorrow to see about other freebies. BTW....if you haven't downloaded the font yet you'll find them in the design areas to the left side of your screen 1-9 will be at the bottom of the sets.

by debrar 16 Sep 2008

You have to look at each design. I decided I would wait until the other alphabet was removed and there were more to seach at the time. WELCOME to cute.

by colonies1 16 Sep 2008

First Welcome to Cute. YOu are going to love it here. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. Next. I went there and couldn't find them. They are within the design sections. I couldn't find any of the new ones at all.

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misscharlie by misscharlie 16 Sep 2008

only the A is up colonies1 ~ way down on the list of designs