by prampelb 11 Sep 2008

before buying Embird with the Font Engine. THANKS A LOT! Pat


by lbrow 13 Sep 2008

Sorry I do not have the tts extension, but I wouldn't give up what Embird software I have for anything. I have embird basic plus font engine, studio& all the digitizing works. Have had it 2 yrs & don't know what I would do without it. Now welcome to the cute embroidery site pram! We r most proud to have U & someone will b along to tell u about the TTS I'm sure. We r here to help when ever we can *4U

by meganne 13 Sep 2008

OK Pat, below you will see a pic with the word you asked for, digitised
1st: in Auto column; no outline; pull comp 1,
2nd: in Auto column; no outline; pull comp 2,
3rd: in Plain fill 1; with outline; pull comp 1
4th: is Actual text typed into picture for comparison.
They're all perfect.
What do you think is wrong with them?
hugs n roses, Meganne

misscharlie by misscharlie 13 Sep 2008

Meganne darling you have gone above and beyond the call of duty * for you and your generousity

prampelb by prampelb 13 Sep 2008

Thanks so much for doing this. I am VERY HAPPY to see that the problem I am having with DigitizerPro is not in Embird. I will go and buy it! THANK YOU so much. Pat

by colonies1 12 Sep 2008

I see you got sites and help so I will give you a *

by prampelb 12 Sep 2008

Thanks Megane,. Can you try to digitize the word :kanome: in Script MT Bold size 1.5 inch. and see if the stiches are correct. Thanks

by meganne 11 Sep 2008

No Machine right now, sorry but it depends on the Parameters you select as to how good the fonts stitch out, I hadn't had a failure with any of mine before my machine seized up. I love Font Engine and probably use it as much as Studio. I create a lot of Text designs. OK, I just created a test and it stitched out beautifully on the sewing simulator. I would use that one.
You do realise you can download a full version and trial it for 30 days? You only get to test three letters of the fonts but once you have it you can at least see how easy it is. If you would like a sample of Script, email me and I will send you what I have just created, then you can stitch it out yourself.
Best place to buy Embird is below. Download from anywhere, including Secrets, use it 30 days then pay your registration through Secrets and save money. Your registration numbers are sent from Embird anyway. Ask anything else you need to know, join EmbirdTime Webgroup, unreal... Sorry to rush, but have others to help too. hugs n roses, Meganne

meganne by meganne 12 Sep 2008

Oh, this is pic of actual design. sorry I had to enlarge it to see better but it is much nicer than this actually depicts.

prampelb by prampelb 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for this message. The issue I am having is with n,m and k in this TTF. Can you try and see on your screen if it digitizes properly (size 1.5 inch, example of text: kanome) Thanks. Pat

by misscharlie 11 Sep 2008

I dunno but TTT so some cutie can help