by jrob Moderator 05 Sep 2008

As some of you long timers know, Lorettag28 is very ill and unable to participate at Cute Embroidery. She is under the care of hospice due to a terminal illness. Her wish is for her membership to go to someone who is unable at this time, to purchase the membership and who would treasure it. She has requested that it be given in love, to Mary Moore. Our sweet and generous Veronika has proposed to carry this on as a tradition to honor Miss Loretta. Here is how it will work: Mary Moore is the initial recipient of a 6 months membership. She (Mary) will during the 6 months nominate another Cutie who is the most in need of a scholarship. At the end of her (Mary’s) 6 months it will be given to Mary’s nominee, who will at the end of those 6 months nominate another member who is in need of the scholarship, and so on. Please let Veronika know how grateful we are to her for making this touching gesture. Also, please remember the spirit in which it was started and show honor to Miss Loretta through your words, requests and actions.


by shirlener88 10 Oct 2011

October 10, 2011 - Here is an updated posting - thought it should be included somewhere here:

This posting has pictures of Miss Loretta through the years.

by notespinner 16 Nov 2010

I was reading all of the responses to this posting and am wondering ... Was this posted September 5,2008? I don't see any recent postings, if I am understanding the way these are written. What ever became of Loretta and her daughter?

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wendymay60 by wendymay60 24 Nov 2010

go to this to read

by ladyboo 06 Oct 2010

I think this is fantastic. The best thing I've heard in a long long time. Veronicka you are all heart to continue this. Such a wonderful thought. You have truly HONORED Miss Loretta. I am extremely interested in Ancient Egypt. In their religion they believe that as long as the name is spoken the person will live forever. So we will be speaking both of your names for a long time. Thank you, Alice

by starlet2653 23 Aug 2010

Ho my G-d. I'm so touched.

May she rest in heaven amongst the angels.


by ksgram1 09 Jul 2009

Good grief Charlie Brown. I just noticed the date on this post...05 Sept. 2008 Does anyone have up to date information? Thank you.

by ksgram1 09 Jul 2009

I like to think that God often sends us His love on the wings of Butterflies. I'd love to send some to Miss Loretta. Does anyone know an address?
Mary, I know that you will always be grateful for this well deserved gift. What loving people Miss Loretta and Veronika are. It's an honor to be a part of the "Cute" family. ***~ ksgram

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ksgram1 by ksgram1 09 Jul 2009

P.S.~ Does anyone know her favorite color?

by memasanders 07 Jul 2009

God puts special people here for a reasons and as all these post show Miss Loretta is a very special reason. There are truly angels among us. Congrats to you Mary and thank you all for being there for me God Bless you all Ronny

by eveve 17 Feb 2009

I saw a picture of Ms Loretta without her specs. I dont know her but the pic makes me sad. I just hope that Ms Loretta be healthy and happy.

Same to everyone else. Stay Healthy and Happy.

by lflanders 12 Feb 2009

Being very new to this site, I am very sorry that I did not have the priviledge of meeting "Miss Loretta"! She sounds like she is a very wonderful person and I am very sorry that her health is is so bad. Since I have started sitting in on this group of wonderful people, I have become addicted to this site. Everyone is so nice and helpful to the whole bunch of embroidery fanatics. Most of us would rather do this than eat when hungry or sleep when it is time to go to bed. I am disable and do not get out very often because it is just too much trouble! I have severe arthritis but I do go buy my own groceries and my son(42) will come help me unload them most of the time. I have 2 Pekinese girls,13 and 3 1/2 and they fill my life with alot of joy. I have had the oldest since birth but adopted the youngest baby in Oct of 2007. She is a spit-fire and a handful! She is very well behaved but has alot of puppy energy. Although I get around fairly slow we never have a dull moment around here! At 57 I had horrible surgery on my legs and ended up in the nursing home for 8 months until they healed. I almost lost my legs and/or my life so I feel very thankful to just be here! I thank the Lord for every day that I wake up no matter what the day has to offer.. and sometimes it can get rough. It gets hard but I am very grateful to be alive! It is really nice to have met alot of nice people like I have on this site. You are very special for caring about other people's problems and for helping Miss Loretta feel so loved and important. She has to know that she is really special! Thanks for taking time to care. Linda

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 12 Feb 2009

yes this is an amazing and unique group. How everyone comes together when needed. I feel very privilgeed to be part of this community. The love, caring and sharing that oozes from all corners of the world is a truly wonderful thing. Long may it continue Jo

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 12 Feb 2009

I should have added - welcome to Cute, visit often and enjoy. Jo

marietta by marietta 05 Mar 2009

You know, when I read all of this, I say thanks to the Lord above, that, although I am a diabetic, who also struggles a bit some times, have not got the real struggles that you, at almost the same age as me(58), have. I think you and Miss Loretta are such brave people.
May you both be blessed. Welcome to cute from me too

by kezza2sew 25 Nov 2008

After all this time I finally found out what the scholarship meant...I had always read of the failing health of Miss Loretta. Veronika I am so pleased I found your site when I did, I cannot imagine life without it now. So thanks for all you give and allow us to post here as often or as little as we truely is a wonderful place to belong.

by brendaleas 18 Nov 2008

How did I miss this? Veronika what a wonderful way to keep Miss Loretta love of embroidery going for years to come. Veronkia I have always know that you were a very special person. This old world needs more people like you. May God Bless Miss Loretta and keep her in his loving hands. Brenda Lea

by elaine45 09 Nov 2008

I just noticed this posting...I am so sorry to hear that Loretta is not doing well. She has always been such a presence t this site...she is such kind and generous person I know we all love her even if we haven't met her in person. She is missed greatly.

by sanjoy51 11 Sep 2008

I have been busy and have just visited briefy when I could for the last month and couldnt get to the QA for a bit. I have just come back to find this announcement and was shocked to hear of Loretta's condition. I feel very upset, shocked and can hardly find the words to express how I feel. She is a very kind lady and loved by many. It is a very nice gesture she has given for her membership and how wonderful is Veronkia for the Scholarship and to keep it going. It makes me very proud to be apart of this site. Love to you all, my precious friends. Sandra Hutchison, Australia.

by relaxsew 09 Sep 2008

I am so sorry to hear about Miss Loretta's illness. My prayers are with her and her family. It is truely a wonderful gift that she has given to Mary. It kind of sounds reminds me of a movie that I watched "Pay it forward". This is so neat from a sad time.

1 comment
shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Sep 2008

That is a nice way to look at it - like the pay it forward. Hehehe!

by sorval 09 Sep 2008

i hope that she come back here i wish a her good luck and a lott love from us gr sonja

by letvia 09 Sep 2008

I'm so sorry to hear about her health. I miss her so much. She is a wonderful and generous woman. I love her. Thank you for let us know this. Flower and XoXo

by gerryvb 08 Sep 2008

I think this is so very sweet.and more than words can say.

by francoisen68 08 Sep 2008

I am sorry to be late to answer but I wished to tell Miss Loretta that even if I am far, I think of her.
With all my love.

by jayemcee46 08 Sep 2008

I've not been around much over the past couple of weeks getting ready for a craft fair and away at weekends, so I've got a little behind on news and events. I'm so sorry to hear that one of our sisters is so poorly. I didn't know her but I sincerely that she and her family find the strength to come through this very difficult time, they can all be sure the the cute family is there with them in spirit. What a wonderful thing to pass on the membership and what a wonderful idea too for Veronika to turn it into a memorial membership in her honour. Congrats marymoore for being the first nominee - enjoy. Thanxs jrob for posting this announcement. Jo

by iris2006 08 Sep 2008

Poor miss lorreta, I do mis her and here sence of humor as well. We knew that she wasn't well but not that she was soo badly ill. I Hope she doesn't have to suffer too long and will always think of her. Thanks also to V eronica, for me it feels like we have a memorial to miss loretta. Thank svery much Veronica.

by mops Moderator 08 Sep 2008

Miss Loretta is a great lady to think of others while she is so ill, set an example for all of us. I've come to love her sense of humour and will miss her comments on the site.
I'd like to congratulate MaryMoore and thank Veronika for her generosity.

by modo 08 Sep 2008

God bless Miss Loretta. Thank you Veronika.

by salsabil 08 Sep 2008

Things and reactions like this, is what makes cute to such a great site.
Congrats Marymoore and all the best to Miss loretta

by ursga 08 Sep 2008

I just found this post what a generous idea!

by wendymay60 07 Sep 2008

Lorettag28 is still thinking about us through her illness, What a WONDERFUL LADY. We are praying for you Lorette. Love and miss you.

by gerryb 06 Sep 2008

Just got back in town & saw this posted back several pages. Now THIS is what the sewing community is all about! I'm proud to be a Cutie!

by mad14kt 06 Sep 2008

FIESTA MM!!! It's a BLESSING to always remember those who are less forunate. Veronika your many acts of kindness SHALL be rewarded ;) *2U

by shirlener88 06 Sep 2008

I do believe we need this at the top for just a bit longer - don't you?

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 07 Sep 2008

I agree!

sqdancer by sqdancer 08 Sep 2008

Thanks Shirlene I was away for the weekend and only got around to catching up on my readings...I am so sad for Loretta and her family it is a rough time for all...the strength to get through this to all...

by celticlady1031 06 Sep 2008

Things like this are what make this site so GREAT! My prayers are always with Loretta. To ask that her membership be given to another in need is a credit to the woman we all cherish. Veronika's genorosity in creating a scholarship is.... the only word that comes to mind is COMMENDABLE. She just keeps giving and giving. These are all reasons we come back to this site daily. I truly love all the friends I've made here and am truly blessed to have found this site. Love to Loretta, congratulations to Mary.... And to Veronika, no appropriate words come to mind to let you know what a wonderful person you are. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Mickey

by blessinge 06 Sep 2008

What a thoughtful, caring person Miss Loretta is to do such a wonderful thing. Congrats Mary on being the first recipient. Miss Loretta is in my thoughts and prayers.

by elizabeth 06 Sep 2008

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift to give to someone in need. You are a special person indeed and my prayers are going up to our Lord and savior at this very moment. God Bless you and hold you in His loving arms.

by quiltgrama 06 Sep 2008

I am touched and amazed at the generosity of Lorette and Veronica. Loretta has been missed here, she was always ready to help others. And still is. Congrats Mary she chose a very deserving person to be the first recipient. thanks jerrilyn for keeping us up to date.Prayers will be for Miss Loretta and her family. LIsa

by jrob Moderator 06 Sep 2008

I hope that all of you can understand this posting....I just needed some relief and just as Loretta did, I find it in humor. She made me laugh so much......I wrote her daughter to give her this link so that maybe she could read how our community came together to honor a loved one. Please know I am not making fun of anyone, but as I sat here crying and mopping my nose, I thought of someone referring to Miss Loretta as legendary. I know that's not funny at all......but DO YOU KNOW ME???? If not, you will know me better after this: "This part is for you to tell Miss Loretta, as I know her fabulous sense of humor.....Someone on the post referred to her as legendary, and my first thought was BIG FOOT! How do you like that Loretta? could become as famous as BIG FOOT!
As a matter of fact, there has already been a Loretta sighting in Perth, Australia the report was that she was carrying an enormous bundle of flowers !?!?.....Are you sleep walking?"
I hope this lightened your did mine because you can't laugh and cry at the same time. Love to all!

bonita1313 by bonita1313 06 Sep 2008

Jrob--you are a DOLL! Keep laughing it is good for stress.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 06 Sep 2008

I understand completely. You have me laughing through my tears. I know Loretta would love the vision you have created.

jrob by jrob 06 Sep 2008

Thank you both for your comments.

meganne by meganne 07 Sep 2008

I hate to tell you but you can laugh and cry at the same time, 'cos I am right now. Still crying for our Lovely Lady, Miss Loretta, but imagining her reading this post and getting a real belly-laugh out of it. AND ANYONE DOUBTING THE BEAUTY AND LOVE BEHIND JERILYN'S POST doesn't know Miss Loretta's humour or Jerilyn. Just read two of Loretta's posts and it may give you some insight as to why she captured all our hearts.

Jerilyn doesn't have a mean or disrespectful bone in her body and I defy anyone who thinks otherwise.
Laughter IS best medicine, especially when the hurt is so painful and difficult to deal with. It is a natural Human coping mechanism. hugs and thanks Jerilyn, for helping to make this sad time a little easier to bear.

jrob by jrob 07 Sep 2008

my goodness, I do love you dear Meganne!

meganne by meganne 08 Sep 2008

Right back to you, dear friend.

iris2006 by iris2006 08 Sep 2008

Thanks jrob, and don't anybody just think that you are not rexpectfull, we all know better. Your story made me crie and laugh, Miss loretta is so special and a worthfull member of this fantastic warm group.

by marjialexa Moderator 06 Sep 2008

Oh, I'm too choked up to write, really. Thanks to Loretta, Veronika, and Congrats to Mary Moore. Luv you all, Marji

by bkd147 06 Sep 2008

I am so sorry to hear that one of our cute family is sick I will be praying for her.

by stickmuster 06 Sep 2008

Such sad news also makes my heart very much raurig! Affectionately yours and property and God's blessing for Miss Loretta.

by meganne 06 Sep 2008

I am lost for words. While it is a wonderful and deserving gift for Mary, and truly awesome of Veronika to perpetuate this beautiful legacy, I was not aware that Miss Loretta's health is so grave.

jrob by jrob 06 Sep 2008

This is so difficult for all of us.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Sep 2008

I do believe in her own way - she told us - if you read her post - she said that Hospice was coming into her home!

by giddygoat 06 Sep 2008

"Loretta's Love" is an ideal name to honour such a thoughtful, generous & loving "Cutie" & it is wonderful of Veronika to honour her wishes. May Loretta & her family find the strength to cope with her illness. Also congratulations to Mary.

by sufferingsonje 06 Sep 2008

How very thoughtful of Miss Loretta. I have no other words to say my heart is too full. May she be blessed.

by tanuja 06 Sep 2008

this is soo thoughtful of Miss Loretta, such a kind gesture. may God give her strenth to cope with her health. and congratulation to Mary.

by mariahail 06 Sep 2008

That is very sweet....

by mollymarie 06 Sep 2008

How very thoughtful, and what a way to treasure Miss Loretta generousity.

by sanc 06 Sep 2008

This is such a blessed and kind thing to do. I am sure each recipient will cherish this gift. I shall pray for her and that she does not suffer.

by grannyo 06 Sep 2008

Miss Loretta sounds like one of those special people that will become legendary. I didn't know her, and feel that I really missed knowing someone very special. I wish I had met her. But I've met Mary and I think Miss Loretta made an excellent choice. This is wonderful!

by tinfriend 06 Sep 2008

What a wonderful & generous idea! I don't know Lorettag28 but my thoughts & prayers go out to her! A big thank you to Veronika too for thinking of this GREAT idea - she is just the BEST! If I could I would give her a WHOLE Bouquet of ***flowers***!! May Mary Moore enjoy her Special 6 month membership and the next recipient too! God Bless you all! Thanks for telling us about this irob - *4U!!

by dpickel 06 Sep 2008

Although I never knew Miss Loretta, I think this is a very generous and wonderful idea. Thank you to all those involved that made this possible.

by meganne 05 Sep 2008

I am devastated to sign in and see this message that our Lovely Lady, Miss Loretta is so ill. It breaks my heart.
I'll come back later when .........

shirlener88 by shirlener88 06 Sep 2008

Ahhhhhh Meganne, please don't worry - we will be praying for acceptance for you!

meganne by meganne 06 Sep 2008

It just came as such a terrible shock when I read that dreaded word 'terminal'. I needed time to process it and get my feelings under control. Some people seem to fill a special place in our hearts and our lives and for me, Miss Loretta is one of those Lovely Ladies, even though we have never met. The thought of her being ill and suffering is just too unbearable for me to accept.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Sep 2008

Ahhhhhh Meganne, she would love to hear from you, I am sure of that.

by tmbache 05 Sep 2008

I've known Miss Loretta for quite some time on this sight.She is one of the most giving and loving person you will ever find here.She would be the first to answer your question day or night. I don't think that lady ever slept she was on her computer some odd hour of night. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you. We all LOVE you so much dear. Thank you Miss Veronika for carrying out miss Loretta s wish. you have the best web site and you are also the most caring and giving host there is !!!! Thank you!!!Also thank you jrob for posting all the info for us here. you are a true blessing and caring person here also. Wish ever one a beautiful day and many sunny tommorows.Love and hugs to all.

by nglover1 05 Sep 2008

Miss Loreta is the sweetest lady . My thoughts are with her. Veromika is also a gracious and generous lady . Thank You.

by katydid 05 Sep 2008

TTT because every one should read this. Love you all.

by americangirl 05 Sep 2008

What a kind thought - Mary Moore is so sweet. I think that is a really nice thing to do.

by dlonnahawkins 05 Sep 2008

A very special thanks to Veronika, and keeping Miss Loretta in our thoughts and prayers.

by nonna57 05 Sep 2008

Thankyou Veronica but more so Thankyou to Miss Loretta, In such a sad time as you are going thru you think of others. Oh what an example you are, we should all take a page from you book. Thinking of you in my prayers. Pauline

by coco128 05 Sep 2008

thank you Jerrilyn for informing us of Miss Loretta. It is very sad and even though I didn't know her that well, I can see from reading she is a wonderful person. What a beautiful gesture from Miss Loretta and Veronika to honor this selfless request and of course I'm so happy Mary Moore was the lovely recipient of "Loretta's Love"...

by lbrow 05 Sep 2008

since I am emotional, this makes me cry, tears of joy 4 Mary, I too, think she is very deserving, of joy for the true christian spirit exhibited by Loretta & Veronika, these 2 definitely have stars n their crowns. We who r members of cute r truly blessed to b n the company of these 2, Mary & ea. other. How wonderful that God has let me b with U all. This again is the true spirit of this site, it's based on generosity & loving, never on who can out do someone else. what else can I say except God Bless us each & every one!

katydid by katydid 05 Sep 2008


grannyo by grannyo 06 Sep 2008

You are so right!

by dailylaundry 05 Sep 2008

This shows how wonderful people can be even during difficult times..... prayers to Loretta and her family....thank you to a very generous Veronika...and Mary, you deserve this gift!!!

by blhamblen 05 Sep 2008

God Bless Ms. Loretta, I would like to send her an angel, in fact I think we should all send her one to show her that God's angels are with her. I did this thru another site and received a note of appreciation from the family after their loved one passed. They said they received hundreds of angels that they placed all over the room. If anyone would provide an address I've got one ready for the mail today.

wendymay60 by wendymay60 07 Sep 2008

What a wonderfull idea angles to take with her.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Sep 2008

Very nice idea, too! She loves angels, butterflies, and roses!

by loish 05 Sep 2008

Tears are flowing down my face right now. How like Miss Loretta and Veronika also! Even though I knew her for just a short time, Miss Loretta was so special that I miss her a lot and think of her often. What a wonderful person to think of others at such a time. Bless her. Veronika's idea and contribution are wonderful, and the name Loretta's Love is so appropriate. We will all be reminded of this wonderful lady. Love to all.

by anna25775 05 Sep 2008

how very thoughtful of Loretta and generous of Veronika. Mary I'm very happy for you, you deserve the membership very much but I also miss Loretta a lot and am sad she is not around anymore. Loretta will always have a place in our hearts and we'll keep her in our prayers. thank you for letting us know jrob

by relow26 05 Sep 2008

What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do. It is amazing and inspirational to know that a person in a heart wrenching situation would take the effort to think of others. May God be with this beautiful person in her time of need, and bring her comfort. For this site to continue this tradition is truely an inspiration in the universal good that true love for others can bring.

by clawton 05 Sep 2008

Loretta was always thinking of others. What a wonderful thing for her to do. The scholarship membership to honor Lorretta is just an example of the generousity by Veronika. One of the best "Ramdom Acts of Kindness" I've heard lately.
Special thanks to Loretta and Veronika.

by auntbaba 05 Sep 2008

Loretta's story is heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at the same time. What a dear, sweet women she is!

by shirlener88 05 Sep 2008


by misscharlie 05 Sep 2008

I hope someone let's Miss Loretta know about her gift and the legacy it will have! I couldn't think of another more deserving than Mary to receive this. Thank you Veronika, you are a treasure to be cherished. Thank you Jerrilyn for bringing this to my attn, it is much appreciated.

* 4 all

jrob by jrob 05 Sep 2008

I send an email to her daughter to let her know.;)

jrob by jrob 05 Sep 2008

that would be sent...

by marymoore 05 Sep 2008

oh my goodness do not know what to say except i truely love this site and even tho none of us ever met it is an honor and love to know all of you each and everyone of us is different in their own way and miss loretta oh my she is quit a woman indeed there are not enough words to describe her me and her daughter talk all the time now and i am greatful for that she also is an embroiderer i am choked up right now just got home from work

shirlener88 by shirlener88 05 Sep 2008

Mary, no words necessary - dear one! We are so glad that you are the 1st to receive 'Loretta's Love'!

auntbaba by auntbaba 05 Sep 2008

I am so happy for you Mary!

jrob by jrob 05 Sep 2008

Congratulations again, Mary. Isn't Miss Loretta just the best? What a lesson for us all. I'm so glad it was you to get the first honor.;)

clawton by clawton 05 Sep 2008

We are so happy for you. An excellent recipient of Loretta's Love

dgrammy by dgrammy 05 Sep 2008

Congratulations Mary, and Miss Loretta picked out the perfect choice to be the first recepient.This is a very special day at Cute.

blhamblen by blhamblen 05 Sep 2008

Mary, you are so deserving of Loretta's Love, especially after reading of your unselfish giving of your fsl teddy to a child in need. XX's and OO's

catwoman123 by catwoman123 05 Sep 2008

Miss Loretta must be a very wonderful Lady
so generous.I thank GOD I am part of this

nonna57 by nonna57 05 Sep 2008

Congrats Mary, use this wisely A big sacrifice from Loretta :)

americangirl by americangirl 05 Sep 2008

Enjoy! I'm happy for you. :o)

tabsolom by tabsolom 05 Sep 2008

What a deserving person to received it first, Miss Loretta my thoughts and prayers are with you always...*4u

nglover1 by nglover1 05 Sep 2008

Mary I am so glad you are the first to receive Lorettas special gift . She has such a huge heart .

tatorbugcreations by tatorbugcreations 05 Sep 2008

You are so deserving of this. You are always one of the first to speak up to help some one out! Enjoy your gift!

tmbache by tmbache 05 Sep 2008

Congratulation Mary!!! you must be thrilled to death to be the first to receive such an honor!! You give and give and then you will receive at the least expecting time.Enjoy with love from Loretta.

pafhen by pafhen 05 Sep 2008

Congratulations Mary, as much as you give out blessings are coming back to you.

dpickel by dpickel 06 Sep 2008

Congratulations Mary! What an honour for you!

sandralochran by sandralochran 06 Sep 2008

Congrats Mary. What a wonderful person Miss Loretta is. What a honour

grannyo by grannyo 06 Sep 2008

Isn't it nice to be recognized. Mary, everyone notices you and the good you do. :-)

tanuja by tanuja 06 Sep 2008

congratulation mary

newipswich by newipswich 06 Sep 2008

I'm SO happy that YOU are the first recipient of Loretta's loving gift! Veronika has such a beautiful heart, too, for granting this transfer of membership! Hugs & Congratulations!!

relow26 by relow26 06 Sep 2008

Those who reflect their good heart and love of others will always shine through to people they interact with. Your love of life, others, and in what you do is very obvious to all of us!

tinfriend by tinfriend 06 Sep 2008

Congratulations! I 2 am so happy that U are the 1st Recipient! Enjoy & God Bless! *4U

shirleysisson by shirleysisson 06 Sep 2008

Congratulations Mary. What an honour this is for you to be Blessed in this way. Loretta is in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Veronika for being so gracious. *4U

stitchship by stitchship 07 Sep 2008

Congratulations Mary! I think it is such a sweet gesture! Enjoy it!

iris2006 by iris2006 08 Sep 2008

Mary, congratulations to be the first person who receives this big honorpresent from miss loretta, enjoy your gift and you deserved it.

sqdancer by sqdancer 08 Sep 2008

Can't add very much to all of the above Mary, Congrats and do enjoy your wonderful gift from that lovely loretta and also Veronika's genourosity as well...big hugs to all from a "proud to be cute"...

cricket17 by cricket17 08 Sep 2008

I browsed sites for embroidery patterns both free and purchased...but what I have seen and read humbles read and view the camaraderie and love that you ladies have found in each is so much more than:CUTE it is heavenly..may you all keep the love circulating in the ozone layer...of the net and your hearts.

karikares by karikares 29 Jan 2009

just again I want you to know how wonderful it is that you can enjoy this wonderful gift. Congrats Mary... and our prayers, thoughts and love to Miss Loretta.

sewmom by sewmom 12 Feb 2009

Congratulations Mary. You are a very active member of this site so I know you will use the gift well.

by uscmom 05 Sep 2008

What a wonderful loving gift from Loretta to give in her time of need. And thank you also to Veronika for your generosity.

by bonita1313 05 Sep 2008

Loretta has been and always will be a wonderful, giving and loving person. We love you Loretta. Congratulations to Mary Moore and appreciations to Veronika. "Loretta's Love" is very appropriate!

by emily16838 05 Sep 2008

What an excellent idea. It's truly a generous gift for anyone to receive.

by shirlener88 05 Sep 2008

Isn't it just like Loretta - to think of another - when she couldn't use her membership? I know she will be honored and blessed by this special tribute. Jerrilyn thank you for helping Veronkia to present this to the 'CUTE' family - lucky Mary, she must be bursting at the seams, too! I adore the name 'Loretta's LOVE'

by nonmusicmom 05 Sep 2008

I think this is a wonderful gesture and i can't think of anyone more desiring than Mary Moore. She gives and gives and now she can recieve for a change. Thanks Veronika. I never got to know Miss Loretta but she will be in my prayer for peace at this time. It is appearent that she is also a very loving and giving person, like Mary Moore and Veronika. So glad we have been blessed with such special friends.

by dgrammy 05 Sep 2008

How very wonderful and loving of Miss Loretta to think of someone else while she is ill. I have never had the pleasure of knowing her,but I can tell she is a very generous,kind,loving,terrific lady that is greatly missed on this forum. My prayers go to Miss Loretta and her family. I think Mary is a fantastic choice for the 1st receipient .I also think it is a lovely kind and generous thing for Veronika to honor Miss Loretta by continuing this very kind,touching gesture that Miss Loretta has started.This is so touching and heartwarming .* to all

by stitchship 05 Sep 2008

That is just too sweet. I will keep Miss Lorettag28 in my prayers. It just shows what kind of heart they both have, Miss Loretta, and Veronika! I feel so touched by such acts of kindness, in a world that sometimes seems so hard and loveless. Cute family is truly special! :) This act has truly touched me!

by pafhen 05 Sep 2008

This is so sweet of Veronkia to do this. Ms Loretta was very nice to me when I first came into this "cute family". One of her projects was a FSL Key. She named it "Key To My Heart". Meaning that we all have the key to her heart. Ms Loretta ~ A Very Special Lady

by raels011 05 Sep 2008

What a beautiful gesture for Miss loretta to do and a big thank you to Veronika for carrying through with her wishes. My thoughts and prayers are with Miss Loretta and her family

by dkjack 05 Sep 2008

What a loving gesture of Loretta. She is truly missed on Cute. My prayers are for Loretta and her family. Veronica, thank you for honoring her request and in setting up the scholarship to honor her. You are an amazing person and we are all blessed to have found a site that truly cares about her members. We are the Cute Family and Loretta will always be a member.

by workbecky 05 Sep 2008

This is a very special tribute and very generous of Veronika. Every day I am reminded of how special this CUTE Family is.

by babyred 05 Sep 2008

What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you Veronkia and congratulation to Mary Moore.

by tolgamum 05 Sep 2008

A truly inspirational human-being is one who puts others before self. This is surely a fine example of the goodness and spirit exemplified by these actions. Thank you Veronika for the homage you extend to a fine Lady and may the thoughts and prayers of all Cuties be with you both.

by katydid 05 Sep 2008

This is wonderful of Loretta. I would like to suggest we name the perpetuating scholarship " Loretta's Love". That way we will remember who started it. Congratulations to Mary Moore to be the first recipient and very well deserved. We love you Mary!!!!

dgrammy by dgrammy 05 Sep 2008

I think that is a great idea

stitchship by stitchship 05 Sep 2008

I like that name too. Good idea.

colonies1 by colonies1 05 Sep 2008

it is a great Idea

auntbaba by auntbaba 05 Sep 2008

Wonderful name to honor a wonderful person.

by sllakin 05 Sep 2008

What a kind and generous thought! Thank you to Veronika and Lorettag28! Prayers and best wishes to Lorettag28!

by adelmarie 05 Sep 2008

Mrs. Loretta was surely a blessing to this site, she is loved and missed and I think her wish is a wonderful thing and it is really nice from Veronika to do something like this. Mrs. Loretta is gone from our site but will never be forgotten, she surely picked a great cutie to be the recipient of the membership, Marymoore surely deserves it.

by claudenicolas 05 Sep 2008

It is a wonderful idea.Thanks to Veronika and Lorettag28, and many thoughts to Lorettag68

by tatorbugcreations 05 Sep 2008

That is so sweet. What a lovely person she must be. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

by gramsbear 05 Sep 2008

This is an awe inspiring action. Thank you Veronkia, for being so generous and thoughtful. And even though I don't know Loretta28, I am sure she is a wonderful person by all the response about her health and well being. God be with all 3 of you. Thanks again, Gramsbear...

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by colonies1 05 Sep 2008

How Nice of Loretta to think of others during her time. I didn't know her ( before my time) but she must be a wonderful lady. Prayers go out to her and a *4u .Very nice of Veronika to do this too.I think it would be nice to be able to send a card "thinking of you" to her if we could.What does everyone think of this? Need and address to do this of course.

by lmartinez4171 05 Sep 2008

Having lost two close family members in the last six months the scholarship is a wonderful tribute to another human being.
Thank you.

by debleerl 05 Sep 2008

How thoughtful of Loretta to consider others in her time of need. A prayer for her and a * for you.

by mumra 05 Sep 2008

How absolutely wonderful. Inspiring. God bless her