Colors: 7 

Doll face

Design #: 1383915
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.36"(w) x 1.65"(h)
Size (mm): 60 x 42
Stitches: 1900
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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx
doll face
tinfriend by tinfriend 11 Jan 2018

Thank You!

Midnight1 by Midnight1 10 Jan 2018

Thank you

toogie by toogie 10 Jan 2018


rescuer by rescuer 26 Nov 2016

SO18 Please read the posts made by moderators in the Q&A section. There are instructions on how to download. If you need more help with this website, ask a question in the Q&A.
This area is just a nice place to say "thank you"

SO18 by SO18 26 Nov 2016

Hello .. I am an artisan and I live in São Paulo - Brazil .. I have been looking for this matrix in DST, but I do not work with a credit card .. How can I dowload this file please? I wish so much. Thank you!

JuanPinillaPadilla by JuanPinillaPadilla 20 Sep 2016


donannie by donannie 04 Aug 2016

I love the look of this doll face beautiful

rescuer by rescuer 21 Jul 2014

Such a pretty doll face!

dbackonboard by dbackonboard 23 Jun 2013

I really love this doll face! I would love to see more and some boy faces as well. thanks

alazgal6 by alazgal6 25 Mar 2013

Sweet,sweet.Thanks ever so much.

lovesewing2011 by lovesewing2011 08 Mar 2013

this is beautiful thank you

browndm by browndm 08 Mar 2013

Hi! I would like to purchase the doll face. How do I do this without becoming a member and paying $30 at this time. If I like this design I may become a member in the near future.Thanks, mb

phyllisscott by phyllisscott 15 Jan 2013

Love this face. Worked well on my 9" doll. Wish you had more like this! Thank you.

emanuille by emanuille 22 Oct 2012


terriweistra by terriweistra 27 Sep 2012

Thank you

scooter2 by scooter2 24 Sep 2012

Very pretty face.

seamshappy by seamshappy 05 Mar 2011

She is so beautiful. Thank you!

amyowensby by amyowensby 17 Jan 2011

Would love a bunny, kitten, or puppy face this nice.

outback43 by outback43 02 Oct 2010

thank you *

thornyrose by thornyrose 01 Oct 2010

What a lovely little face. Thanx :)

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 12 Jun 2010


teresanta by teresanta 24 Jan 2010

Very nice! Thank you very much.

nanabs by nanabs 29 Dec 2009

Tyco4357 after you click on the format you want then click on download. When the box comes up click on save and save it somewhere on your computer, I use my desktop. Then when you find it you can right click on it and save to whatever you save it on for

latinet by latinet 29 Dec 2009

magnifique, merci

slybar by slybar 12 Nov 2009

Thank you. Nevermind my email. slybar

sinto1 by sinto1 03 May 2009

This is great for a soft sculpture doll. Thank you so much. Will there be more? I hope so.

tyco4357 by tyco4357 21 Mar 2009

I paid for my subscription for 6 months but can't download

clawton by clawton 16 Sep 2008

Shows lots of character.

ruthlewis44 by ruthlewis44 07 Sep 2008

This design is absolutely superb

marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Sep 2008

Superb, especially for those who make dolls! And she's so pretty and pert, such a happy face! Well done!! Thanks, Marji

vickisue by vickisue 05 Sep 2008

I love the doll face, it's one of the hardest part of making a doll. I love this, please make more.

sigischloesser by sigischloesser 05 Sep 2008

Very nice! Thank you very much.

debbyt by debbyt 05 Sep 2008

Beautiful! I have looked for doll faces like this for over a year. Thank You!!

pafhen by pafhen 04 Sep 2008

I love it! Thanks

designgirl by designgirl 04 Sep 2008

This is darling ,thanks.

adelmarie by adelmarie 04 Sep 2008

Thanks for the beautiful design.

mops by mops 04 Sep 2008

Nice face, can come in handy, thank you.

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