by bonita1313 03 Sep 2008

I just went back and read the comments from my question about collecting the Iced Iris fonts. Many said they could only find up to the letter I. I sincerely apologize. You do have to belong to their yahoo group to get the letters earlier than when they are posted on the Loves embroidery web site. I now have up to letter M and on the web site they are up to the letter J. Please except my apologies for any inconvenience this caused anyone. It might be a good idea join their yahoo group Thanks, Bonita.


by colonies1 04 Sep 2008

thanks *4u

by dkjack 03 Sep 2008

No apologies needed. *4U

by dlonnahawkins 03 Sep 2008

No need to apologize, i forget sometimes that i get things from the yahoo sites. But, regardless - this is a beautiful font, and can't wait for it to be complete.

by clawton 03 Sep 2008

They are up to the J now as a free one for anyone.