by butterflyluvr26 01 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday to a very great and generous site!!!


by dpickel 01 Sep 2008

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And many more to come I am sure. The Cross Stitch section is a great addition BTW. I LOVE IT! Keep up the great work!

by colonies1 01 Sep 2008

a very Happy Birthday to the great site. Lets all get out there and VOTE!!!We want to be number one again.

by dlmds 01 Sep 2008

Butterfly, l agree, it is the helpful, wonderful people here that make it so + the ones that started it. I have been to many other sites, and have not stayed. I love it here, because of the friends, and easy use. Hugs and flowers.

by auntbaba 01 Sep 2008

I second that! This site is #1 in my book!