Colors: 3 

Letter O

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Size (in): 2.83"(w) x 2.87"(h)
Size (mm): 72 x 73
Stitches: 5200
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o schoolfont
gramsbear by gramsbear 15d ago


kaz15 by kaz15 15d ago

thank you

1penny by 1penny 15d ago

Thank you

mv65 by mv65 15d ago

Thank you

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 15d ago


Alabama by Alabama 16d ago

Thank you

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 16d ago


kokkieventer by kokkieventer 16d ago

Thank you.

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Many thanks

nunzia1 by nunzia1 16d ago

Thank you

nunzia1 by nunzia1 16d ago

Thank you

linwood by linwood 16d ago

thank yo

brendalea by brendalea 16d ago

Wow can not believe we are at letter O already.
Thank you & Happy Stitching :-)

embrockabees by embrockabees 16d ago


EBD108 by EBD108 16d ago

Thank you!

baboum2011 by baboum2011 16d ago


markus by markus 16d ago

Thank you

Michellel by Michellel 16d ago

Thank you

IZZI by IZZI 16d ago

Thank you

maca6o by maca6o 16d ago

dank je wel

sewydog1 by sewydog1 16d ago

thank you

ullis by ullis 16d ago

Thanks 😀😀

genin by genin 16d ago

Thank you

Andrei by Andrei 16d ago


Pircy by Pircy 16 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

minirose by minirose 15 Oct 2008

Thank you

sternenkind by sternenkind 09 Oct 2008

Danke schön.... :-)

zedna by zedna 08 Oct 2008

Thanks for the "O" still missing "N" and "S"

agatha by agatha 08 Oct 2008

Thank you so much for enabling us to complete this great alphabet.

a1lotte by a1lotte 08 Oct 2008


minirose by minirose 08 Oct 2008


debbierussell by debbierussell 14 Sep 2008


blhamblen by blhamblen 14 Sep 2008

Wow..this alpha is going fast :) Thanx

boshoff by boshoff 14 Sep 2008


mauri09 by mauri09 14 Sep 2008


crazyembroidery by crazyembroidery 14 Sep 2008

Can some one e-mail me the Letter G at [ Please not share your email ]? Thanks in advance!

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 14 Sep 2008


auntydee by auntydee 14 Sep 2008

Thank you for the alphabets. Doing hospital visiting yesterday & missed the N.

mfnanda by mfnanda 13 Sep 2008

thank you

roslyn by roslyn 13 Sep 2008

"ooh" Thank you

stitchship by stitchship 13 Sep 2008

Thank You!

sandralochran by sandralochran 13 Sep 2008

Thank you

trudie by trudie 13 Sep 2008

"O" so cute. Thanks very much.

sevels by sevels 13 Sep 2008

Thank you.

mad14kt by mad14kt 13 Sep 2008

TU ;)

gerryvb by gerryvb 13 Sep 2008

o, thank you

geneabroderie by geneabroderie 13 Sep 2008

Merci pour cet alphabet de rentrée des classes ...

annyn by annyn 13 Sep 2008

Thank you!

maja1905 by maja1905 13 Sep 2008

Thank you

hannek by hannek 13 Sep 2008

hi thank you, I love this alpha. have a nice day from Hannek in Norway

slovenka by slovenka 13 Sep 2008


crazyembroidery by crazyembroidery 13 Sep 2008

Hi mjbates-Michelle: I can e-mail you the L. Let me know your e-mail address.

naehfee by naehfee 13 Sep 2008

vielen dank

freida by freida 13 Sep 2008

thank you

mjbates by mjbates 13 Sep 2008

thank you so much for this cute alphabet! it's adorable. i missed the L, can you please repeat it sometime? thanks again, Michelle

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 13 Sep 2008

thank you

rodrigues by rodrigues 13 Sep 2008


remko25 by remko25 13 Sep 2008

Dank u

gramsbear by gramsbear 13 Sep 2008

Thanks to you Veronika, I love this alpha.!!! You are so talented and generous. I appreciate you! Judy...

grammalou by grammalou 13 Sep 2008

Thank you.

nancyvashley by nancyvashley 13 Sep 2008

Thanks, please repeat school fonts numbers when you get a chance. Thanks again! nancyvashley

kalif by kalif 13 Sep 2008

thank you

toucan by toucan 13 Sep 2008


kraai by kraai 13 Sep 2008

thank you

minirose by minirose 13 Sep 2008


mary1810 by mary1810 13 Sep 2008

Thank you!

designgirl by designgirl 27 Aug 2008


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