Colors: 3 

Letter K

Design #: 1330140
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.56"(w) x 2.72"(h)
Size (mm): 65 x 69
Stitches: 6300
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ART csd dst exp hus jef jef pes sew vip xxx
k schoolfont
baboum2011 by baboum2011 19d ago


1penny by 1penny 19d ago

Thank you

mv65 by mv65 19d ago

Thank you

SoniaBezzan1 by SoniaBezzan1 20d ago

Please, vote to go back the "H" schoolfont.
I accidentally deleted it.
Thank you.

Alabama by Alabama 20d ago

Thank you

smudge7 by smudge7 20d ago

Thanks so much! I love this alpha!

nunzia1 by nunzia1 20d ago

Thank you

bettyline by bettyline 20d ago

Thank you

gramsbear by gramsbear 20d ago

Thanx Bunches!...💜💜💜

IZZI by IZZI 20d ago

Thank you

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linwood by linwood 20d ago

thank you

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 20d ago

Thank you.

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sewydog1 by sewydog1 20d ago

thank you

markus by markus 20d ago

Thank you

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maca6o by maca6o 20d ago

dank je wel

EBD108 by EBD108 20d ago

Thank you!

ullis by ullis 20d ago

Thanks 😀😀

nanau by nanau 20d ago

Thank you

nanau by nanau 20d ago

Thank you

youngoak2008 by youngoak2008 21d ago

Half of my family members' name start with K

Pircy by Pircy 18 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely design

karikares by karikares 10 Sep 2008

aww I love the K... :)

melok by melok 10 Sep 2008


roslyn by roslyn 10 Sep 2008

"K" is for Kute ta much

minirose by minirose 10 Sep 2008

Thank youfor the K

rodrigues by rodrigues 09 Sep 2008


trudie by trudie 09 Sep 2008

The "K" is great. Thank you.

sevels by sevels 09 Sep 2008

Thank you.

gabby by gabby 09 Sep 2008

thank you

wanger by wanger 09 Sep 2008

Vielen Dank für das "K",wunderschön

slovenka by slovenka 09 Sep 2008


sandralochran by sandralochran 09 Sep 2008

Thank you

boshoff by boshoff 09 Sep 2008

Baie dankie

jkwooitz by jkwooitz 09 Sep 2008

Oh no,what cuties do we have here.I miss the d; e; f and j. May be another day I will be happy for this.

maja1905 by maja1905 09 Sep 2008

Thank you

naehfee by naehfee 09 Sep 2008

vielen dank

hunybear1 by hunybear1 09 Sep 2008

Thank you.

bamaasc by bamaasc 09 Sep 2008

Thank you!

grammalou by grammalou 09 Sep 2008

Thank you.

clawton by clawton 09 Sep 2008

This font is very nice. The blue really makes it stand out.

freida by freida 09 Sep 2008

thank you

stork by stork 09 Sep 2008

Very nice. Another initial in my name.

melok by melok 09 Sep 2008

PCS????????? PCS??????? PCS????????

remko25 by remko25 09 Sep 2008

dank u

tolgamum by tolgamum 09 Sep 2008

Thanks for this great K.

stitchship by stitchship 09 Sep 2008

Thank You!

kalif by kalif 09 Sep 2008

thank you

butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 09 Sep 2008


mad14kt by mad14kt 09 Sep 2008

TU ;)

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 09 Sep 2008

thank you

kraai by kraai 09 Sep 2008


msltll by msltll 09 Sep 2008

Thanks so much

deborrahr by deborrahr 09 Sep 2008

Love the K!! Thanks

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 09 Sep 2008

K 4 Kerry, thank you

americangirl by americangirl 09 Sep 2008

Thank you.

lenamae by lenamae 09 Sep 2008

thank you so much

zedna by zedna 09 Sep 2008

"K" is for "Knockout"

michelej by michelej 09 Sep 2008


debbierussell by debbierussell 09 Sep 2008

thank you

scorpion43 by scorpion43 09 Sep 2008


gerryvb by gerryvb 09 Sep 2008

thank you!

blhamblen by blhamblen 09 Sep 2008

These get "cuter" every time a new one comes up. Thanx :)

mauri09 by mauri09 09 Sep 2008

merci beaucoup votez please pour le A

sira by sira 09 Sep 2008

Thank you for all these schoolfonts. Somehow I missed I and J schoolfonts...

wendymay60 by wendymay60 08 Sep 2008

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designgirl by designgirl 26 Aug 2008

I love these just in time for school.

katydid by katydid 26 Aug 2008

"K" for Katydid

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