by joke46 25 Aug 2008

I never placed a message, so I hope Í´m doing it well: at this site you can find a beautiful alphabet:


by dkjack 25 Aug 2008

Welcome the Cute! Hope you visit us often.

by marjialexa Moderator 25 Aug 2008

Hi, Joke, welcome to the Cute Family!! Thanks for sharing your information with us, and please do post again. We welcome your input and friendship. Marji

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joke46 by joke46 25 Aug 2008

thank you!

by sqdancer 25 Aug 2008

no problem you did just fine ...

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joke46 by joke46 25 Aug 2008

I'm glad it worked!

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by stitchship 25 Aug 2008

Thanks for sharing! Do you have the other two sites? They put together 3 Alphas: Fish, Birds, and Flowers. These are other ones.

I haven't had time to download all the completed ones yet!

misscharlie by misscharlie 25 Aug 2008

Yes and as I said the K and L are NOT accessible when you click on them you get an OOOPS page.
Fish also is not complete and for sure N and O you have to email the digitizer to get them not sure where A is or some of the others.

joke46 by joke46 25 Aug 2008

No, I didn't. Thank you. They look nice too.

sandralochran by sandralochran 26 Aug 2008

I see Fish still not finished

by misscharlie 25 Aug 2008

Nice hunt. Floral is complete.
K and L of the Birds font are not accessible.
The sealife fish alpha is not complete.

by colonies1 25 Aug 2008

thanks for the site...........*4u

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joke46 by joke46 25 Aug 2008

you're welcome!