by jand803 23 Aug 2008

Is it possible to have a button that would give everyone who answered a question a flower. I like to give all who vote for the requests a flower. Jan


by jand803 23 Aug 2008

OK, so I just made everyones flower bloom. I guess if we are giving flowers we should do it personally. Jan

by colonies1 23 Aug 2008

yep individual makes it more personal to me. But what ever others want is ok with me as well. *4u all

by mops Moderator 23 Aug 2008

I usually click on all flowers when I'm in a hurry and when not I put in individual comments saying TU *4U, which takes more time. And I go back later to see if I forgot someone that came later. Th e My Questions tap is a real bonus in that respect.

by lbrow 23 Aug 2008

That would save a lot of time, but then we might miss the fun of giving individual flowers. I rather enjoy it. I when I have time will occasionally go through & make every green flower I see bloom 4 ten pages back , Now your flower is blooming

by grannyo 23 Aug 2008

I just go through the list of everyone when I vote and give them all a flower. Of course that doesn't help the people that follow me. I do notice that a lot of others do the same as I do though. It doesn't take that much time to do it. Afterall, they have taken the time to vote. :-) *4u

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jand803 by jand803 23 Aug 2008

I may not be a handy with the mouse as you are. It usually takes me forever to click on each one's flower. But one for you anyway. haha Jan

by dkjack 23 Aug 2008

Don't know. I like the idea. I also like to give flowers to all those who answer questions and it does take time. :) Have you put it in the "community-suggestion" section? Its is in the same row on top with all the other catagories (all, general, cuteembroidery,voting-requests,tips, etc).

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jand803 by jand803 23 Aug 2008

Look under my original question. The topic is there. I hope that is what puts it in the community-suggestion. Jan