Colors: 3 

Letter C

Design #: 1311293
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.99"(w) x 3.07"(h)
Size (mm): 76 x 78
Stitches: 5500
Colors: 3 Color Chart: View | Print
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c schoolfont
marianb by marianb 16 Mar 2020

thank you

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 22 Jan 2020

Thank you so much!!!

DrRoodt by DrRoodt 22 Jan 2020

Please repeat letter A

mpeart by mpeart 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

bettyline by bettyline 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

nunzia1 by nunzia1 21 Jan 2020


BEAUDE by BEAUDE 21 Jan 2020

Merci beaucoup

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 21 Jan 2020

Thank you.

genin by genin 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

linwood by linwood 21 Jan 2020

thank you

IZZI by IZZI 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

janelle by janelle 21 Jan 2020


Andrei by Andrei 21 Jan 2020


Alabama by Alabama 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 21 Jan 2020


EBD108 by EBD108 21 Jan 2020

Thank you!

gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Jan 2020

Thanx! It's nice to be aBLE TO COLLECT AGAIN WHEN YOU have lost a font! Thanx ever so much!...💜💜💜

ullis by ullis 21 Jan 2020

Thanks 😀😀

mv65 by mv65 21 Jan 2020

Thank you

sewydog1 by sewydog1 21 Jan 2020

thank you

Pircy by Pircy 16 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

fontmomma by fontmomma 27 Sep 2008

Glad we are going through the alpha again. I missed the M.

superfroggirl by superfroggirl 27 Sep 2008

HI all
I love this alpha.. i only missed the H.. I know that lots of people are missing letters.. if we could make a list than revote for them in order i think that that would be fair everyone could finish the alphabet and we would all be happy!! I hope

debbierussell by debbierussell 27 Sep 2008


sternenkind by sternenkind 27 Sep 2008

Danke schön :-)

a1lotte by a1lotte 27 Sep 2008

Thank you!

scorpion43 by scorpion43 26 Sep 2008

merci beaucoup

claudenicolas by claudenicolas 26 Sep 2008

Merci, un C juste pour moi!

minirose by minirose 26 Sep 2008

Thank you!

mad14kt by mad14kt 14 Sep 2008

TU ;)

ivanice by ivanice 02 Sep 2008

lindo. obrigada

debbierussell by debbierussell 02 Sep 2008

thank you

sandralochran by sandralochran 02 Sep 2008

Thank you

naehfee by naehfee 02 Sep 2008

vielen dank

bamaasc by bamaasc 01 Sep 2008

Love the "C"!

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 01 Sep 2008


auntydee by auntydee 01 Sep 2008

Cute "C". Thank you

roslyn by roslyn 01 Sep 2008

thank you so much

americangirl by americangirl 01 Sep 2008

Thank you!

zedna by zedna 01 Sep 2008

"C" is for "Charming"

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 01 Sep 2008

thank you

boltonia51 by boltonia51 01 Sep 2008

a great combination of the alphabet and the pencil

nonna57 by nonna57 01 Sep 2008


grammalou by grammalou 01 Sep 2008

Thank you.

dpickel by dpickel 01 Sep 2008

Thank you for this adorable alphabet!

sevels by sevels 01 Sep 2008


minirose by minirose 01 Sep 2008


kalif by kalif 01 Sep 2008

thank you

freida by freida 01 Sep 2008

thank you

mfnanda by mfnanda 01 Sep 2008

thank you

toucan by toucan 01 Sep 2008

merci !

bonita1313 by bonita1313 01 Sep 2008


slovenka by slovenka 01 Sep 2008


maja1905 by maja1905 01 Sep 2008

Thank you very much

bettan by bettan 01 Sep 2008

Thank You!

mary1810 by mary1810 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for the lovely designs. Happy Birthday!!!

ramona by ramona 01 Sep 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Thank you for the past 2 years. It's been wonderful. Wishing you a blessing for many more years to come!

melok by melok 01 Sep 2008

Thank you!!

gramsbear by gramsbear 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for this font, Creative!

damaris by damaris 01 Sep 2008

thanks like the color

hunybear1 by hunybear1 01 Sep 2008

Thank you.

stitchship by stitchship 01 Sep 2008

Thanks it is really cute!

remko25 by remko25 01 Sep 2008

Dank u voor de mooie letter

iris2006 by iris2006 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for this alpha, love these designs, just missed the "A"

relaxsew by relaxsew 27 Aug 2008

I just love these designs! Thank you!

designgirl by designgirl 23 Aug 2008

Great colour of this design, thanks

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