by cicadamn 23 Aug 2008

Looking for Embroidery folder system to download and store my Embroidery Designs


by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2008

I think there was a program from All Embroidery, but I can't find it now. I had already set mine up, so didn't try to download. I wish we still had our search engine!

by 4lghoward 31 Aug 2008

geo the digitizer had some ideas on his site as well. Good luck with whatever method you choose. They all have their advantages.

by dpickel 31 Aug 2008

I simply created a folder on my desktop called "Embroidery". I then create a folder for each website/designer that I use. Inside these, I have created folders to catagorize patterns (i.e. florals, animals, birds, sports, etc.). That way if I need to go back to the website, I know where the pattern came from.... I have also created a database in Excel with pattern names, numbers and theme so I can cross reference and search easily for a specific pattern or theme....

by mops Moderator 23 Aug 2008

Welcome here. You've got some good answers, we all have struggled in the beginning and come up with a solution of sorts. Mine is by website/designer and then into categories and I view them with my software (Husqvarna 3D)

by shirlener88 23 Aug 2008

cicadamn, WELCOME to the CUTE family - you have some really good answers here and hope that you find what you are looking for amoungst them. I suggest that whatever you get or use - use it all the time - never download into a file - hoping that you will organize it later - organize it as you go - then you will save time - in the long run. Please come back often and let us get to know you!

by lbrow 23 Aug 2008

U've gotten excellent answers Cicada, I again use embird 4 this.I do not sell embird or anything LOL It just does so very much I cannot function without it. *4U

by ruthie 23 Aug 2008

cicadamn, SewIconz is a terrific, and cheap $20 program, that allows you to see a thumbnail of your designs in Windows Explorer. From there you can organise them into folders of your choice. It's so easy to use, and to arrange your designs into some sort of order, because you can see a picture of them - just click and drag to move. I've put the link below for you.

Love, hugs and flowers sweetie.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Aug 2008

ruthie, I love this little gal watering her flowers - just like you do with all of us. Hehehe! shirlene

by raels011 23 Aug 2008

I have asked amorilloactor if he will put a file on that he did a while ago I find it a very good way of filing my designs

by dgrammy 23 Aug 2008

You have a couple great answers already so I will just say Welcome to Cute !*4u

by meganne 23 Aug 2008

To the best of my knowledge, there is no software program available to do this for you automatically, but you can gain much advice if you visit ATW's help section at the link I have attached below.
My one suggestion: start immediately and don't put off organising your designs, if you do, you could find your job of organising thousands of designs becomes far too daunting. It took me weeks to get through al mine, now i do it as i download, soooooo much easier.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by minnieb 23 Aug 2008

sewionz or sewcat you can download it free for 10 days

by ursga 23 Aug 2008

I'm too! Hope there will some good answers