by baulitoconsentido 07 Aug 2008

Hello family.. i´ve a question for you..

where can i found a tutorial for using the software "Customizer 10000plus"?? I need to learn about this, Please¡¡¡


by baulitoconsentido 07 Aug 2008

thanks for your response.. i read the help topics of software.. and i read the web site.. but i wonder the way to start to digitize.. sometrhing simple.. because i want to do my own designs.. this activity is amazing, but is new for me.. i star with freebies... and the designs of mi machine.. but i would like to do something different. In some sites i learn how to do the "applique" with the tutorial with photos, step by step.. because of that mi question.


by marjialexa Moderator 07 Aug 2008

I agree with Becky, if you don't have a Janome dealer locally that gives lessons, try the Janome website, they have tutorials for you. Best of luck, I have Digitizer Pro, if you have a specific question perhaps I can help. Marji

by workbecky 07 Aug 2008

Have you tried the lessons on