by marymoore 04 Aug 2008

has anyone figured out how to make the snowflake names


by gerryvb 07 Dec 2009

here there are many names for free download

michele921 by michele921 07 Dec 2009

thank you for posting the link remembered the site name but have so many links that finding it can be like trying to find a specific design I want LOL

gerryvb by gerryvb 07 Dec 2009

you're welcome!

by meganne 07 Dec 2009

This post is over a year old!!!!

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michele921 by michele921 07 Dec 2009

yes I noticed too but figured someone was looking for them and pulled it to top. made me go into my program and make one LOL now I know how to do them myself LOL

by jacquipaul 06 Dec 2009

Glad you asked;

by michele921 06 Dec 2009

softdrinks has some on her site also a group from stitchitcheap has been posting names that were not on softdrinks site and I believe pnw group also has them in their files ( don't take this one as for sure) but I know another group I have been on is doing them too. I collected them all from freenamemania before they started charging last yr.
and now my software is suppose to do them.

by snowflakenames 06 Dec 2009

Not sure if you are talking fabric or not, but this is a snowflake with a name made directly into the design.

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sueo by sueo 06 Dec 2009

No luck on this site either :o(

by marymoore 05 Aug 2008

uh oh did i get something started here gramsbear some fonts do not look good digitized so try another i too went to the free site it looked to confusing to me to even try

by gramsbear 05 Aug 2008

I tried to do a snowflake with my name, but it didn't turn out so well on the font I was using. I will keep trying. *4U. Gramsbear

by clawton 05 Aug 2008

I also went to the free site that was meantioned. I have some that aren't on the site that I am going to try as Shirlene and Mops suggested. That way you select the fonts that you want from what you have available.

by lbrow 05 Aug 2008

I go to freenamemania & get the free designs much easier & simpler MM. also they will do one n name for U if they do not already have the name. *4U

wsmith by wsmith 16 Aug 2009

I can not get the free snowflake names to come up. What am I doing wrong. I can not get into them. Please help. wsmith

sueo by sueo 06 Dec 2009

I can't seem to find it either on this site. Just leads you to other sites about snowflakes no embroidery designs.

by mops Moderator 05 Aug 2008

I do exactly the same meganne described in 3D embroidery. Before I use the repeat function I decide whether the name should start in the centre or at the outside, as it might give a nicer design in some cases. Used the feature with flowers also, just one, not combined with its mirror image. You can rotate the flower before repeating them. Gives quite nice results, see the ones I did just now.

by meganne 05 Aug 2008

Easy in Embird: In Editor, select a fancy script font on your computer and type in whatever name you want to use. Take off the outline feature, as it seems to look and work better. Copy and paste the name (puts it in the same place) and mirror it vertically. Join those two and then use the Auto Repeat on the Edit menu, decide how many "arms" you want on your snowflake and create away.
Follow the link below to find them already done.
hnr, M

by misscharlie 05 Aug 2008

My brain can not wrap around what you are saying shirlene lol. I sure would love to see it stitched out tho it sounds cute as heck! * 4 all

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by shirlener88 05 Aug 2008

Sure, find a cute font - create the name - copy it - reverse it - put them back to back - as if in a mirro - copy the two of them - over and over - put them in a circle - there you have a snowflake - Hehehe!

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mops by mops 05 Aug 2008

But luckily there are shortcuts! Let the software do the repeats.

by colonies1 04 Aug 2008

you got yoiur answer so I will give you a flower

by joaniessw 04 Aug 2008

I did one on a sweat shirt of mine. I got it free from a site. Can't recall off hand. I will search and try to find it again. back again.. I love this "edit thingy"

by dgrammy 04 Aug 2008

Sorry,I can not digitize, but I can give u a flower

by dailylaundry 04 Aug 2008

Oh, what a good question - wish I could help you, but I am a newbie. But I can give you a flower!!!!

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dgrammy by dgrammy 04 Aug 2008

Welcome to Cute! flower 4 u