by kustomkuddle 22 Mar 2023

I finished one of my unfinished projects. I do not remember who th e design is by, but it was supposed to be iron on applique and then stretched on an art canvas. The iron on did not stick, so I ended up stitching everything on. My Mom loves cardinals. The backing fabric is from a piece of fabric that has lots of cardinals on thatmy Dad got many years ago to make something for my mom many years ago. He became ill and passed before he could do anything with it. I forgot to get a picture of the back and I have not put a label on it yet. This is my lovely 89 you mom! I surprised her with it by hanging it in my living room. It only took her about 15 minutes to notice it and claim it. She didn't let it out of her sight till she got it back to her apartment. Lol.


by corky98 01 Apr 2023

Your project is beautiful and so are you! you are a blessing to your mother and you are blessed to still have your mother.

by faicat 31 Mar 2023


by sebsews 26 Mar 2023

So beautiful work and so is your Mother!

by orao 24 Mar 2023

beautiful job

by basketkase 23 Mar 2023

Beautifully done!

by worthy edited 22 Mar 2023

That is absolutely amazing. Beautiful job and finished project. And a big congratulation for getting an UFO (should be UFP) finished.
Also love your jacket. ;-)

by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

Absolutely gorgeous! I did a design of a cardinal in the center of a quilt someone my son works with in remembrance of her deceased father. She said he loved cardinals and would make her think of him everytime she lays eyes on that quilt made of his shirts also. I enjoy the thought so much. My mother enjoyed all creatures except the Blue Jay in which she called little thieves. She fed peanuts to the squirrels and the Jays stole them.

by Tu2ml 22 Mar 2023

My mother loved Cardinals as well. They are beautiful birds. Your wall hanging is gorgeous, and I can certainly see why she claimed it for her own. The fact that you were able to use fabric that your dad bought with her in mind makes this all the more special. She will cherish it for sure.

by sonjapotgieter 22 Mar 2023

Beautiful!! Awesome piece of Fabric..Very Special

by bemara 22 Mar 2023

It looks great :-)

by dlonnahawkins 22 Mar 2023 mother also loved cardinals. When our little great was only about 2 she used to get so excited when she saw the cardinals out at the bird feeder. She called it Daddy Bird, and the female mommy bird. we were lucky enough to see some little ones out after they hatched.
Great fabric to put the cardinals on. Lovely work.

by noah 22 Mar 2023

Both are lovely xx

by graceandham 22 Mar 2023

It looks wonderful and she looks wonderful. I love the story of the backing. So, she can remember your love and his love in looking at the birds she loves!

by mops Moderator 22 Mar 2023

No wonder your mom loves it. It is beautiful, well done.

by pennifold 22 Mar 2023

Congratulations on finishing this wonderful quilt. I know she will love it. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia 🇦🇺

by anitapatch edited 22 Mar 2023

So beautiful. And you pleased your mother with this art piece