by pennifold ( edited 22 Mar 2023 ) 21 Mar 2023

UPDATED: No 2 finished this evening 6.00pm Wednesday. This one is our Black Cockatoo, thru also have Red feathers so I’ll make one with those colours. I’ve just got to go and reduce size before I add it.

Hi Gals, I've managed to begin the Bird section of my Cot quilt for my new Great Niece to be - arriving some time late April.

This is also from Sweetpea an Australian in the Hoop design of their native birds. This first one is one of our Eastern Rosellas. I've just changed the colours to suit my quilt. I've got another 6 to go!

Thank you to all of those who know me well and for your prayers. Love Chris


by dailylaundry 25 Mar 2023

Oh, my, this quilt is going to be gorgeous!! Sweet Pea designs are so unique and beautiful, and you certainly do them justice! I know you have a lot on your plate, so please know you are in my prayers!! Bunches of hugs, Laura

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pennifold by pennifold 25 Mar 2023

Hi Laura, thanks so much and yes, I'm so pleased with these guys. Thanks for your hugs. Love Chris

by orao 24 Mar 2023

Beautiful job is going to by beautiful quilt Maria

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pennifold by pennifold 25 Mar 2023

Thanks Maria, I hope so too. Love Chris

by sebsews 23 Mar 2023

Oh Chris, they are so beautiful and beautifully stitched. You are teaching everyone a bit of your lovely country too. Keep busy! Sending love and hugs, Suzanna

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Mar 2023

Thanks so much Suzanna. I'm making a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo today and maybe make another Black Cockatoo but he's got red in him! Love Chris

by basketkase 23 Mar 2023

So gorgeous, Chris...

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Mar 2023

Thanks Vicki, they really pop, don't they? Love Chris

by worthy 22 Mar 2023

Those are beautiful and as someone said love the colors you chose. as well as the fabric.

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Mar 2023

Thanks so much for your kind words, love Chris

by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

Chris, these are as lovely as can be and the colors--wow. I'm glad you are still getting all these embroideries done and with all the sorting and moving of your mom's possessions. I have another sister and brother who helped me not one bit with moving mom or taking her to Dr visits or much of anything. I am the youngest daughter and because of my training I guess they thought I could understand all things and just do it all. I left them all mom's info typed up in case something happened to me that I couldn't carry on. My brother said was on top of his fridge, my oldest sister I am sure wouldn't have even been able to find her sealed notes and my other sister who is now deceased I didn't even bother with. God bless you and keep you. Patti

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Mar 2023

Thanks so much Patti. Yes I agree with you, I love the colours of our Australian Fauna.
With regards to clearing out Mum's house it's all done and the new young expectant parents take possession on Monday.
Mum doesn't know and her Doctor told me not to tell her as it might make her depressed. She hasn't asked about the house, so I don't bring it up. I don't she has that much attachment to it as their home in Adelaide, South Australia, where we grew up in. They were there for 42 years and only 19 in this home here in Mount Hutton. She is settling in at the Nursing home and enjoying the company and great food! Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 22 Mar 2023

Wow This work is So Stunning!!!!

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Mar 2023

Thanks so much Sonja, I think so too! Love Chris

by bemara 21 Mar 2023

looks great, the other seven are sure to be just as beautiful, have fun, hugs Maria

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pennifold by pennifold 22 Mar 2023

Hi Maria, yes, it's promising to be a beautiful cot quilt. Love Chris

by Tu2ml 21 Mar 2023

Chis, these are turning out beautifully. This is certainly going to be a marvelous quilt. He has such bright color; I can't wait to see the rest. You are doing a great job with these designs.

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pennifold by pennifold 22 Mar 2023

Thanks so much and I'm sorry not to write your first name as I don't have it on my Database. I'm in love with these appliques and absolutely love doing them. I can't wait to get the next one started, it's just been put into my machine! Love Chris