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Edited 3-13-23. 3-13-23 – 3-19-23. Freebie design links for 1 week Mon-Sun, Monthly links too.

Feel free to add update comments for designs that are not already announced. Keep on sewing!
REMINDER! I love making the list for all of you but as you know “things happen”. Sometimes the site goes down and other minor details. I would suggest you bookmark your favorite sites or try copying and pasting my list to a word document.
Sometimes I’m going to edit this post instead of add-ons so watch for edit dates! I won’t edit while on mobile devices so there will be add-ons too. Hold ctrl while clicking on the link to open a new window.
An asterisk * will be added to the section that’s changed when I update.

DON’T MISS (occasional freebies and temporary dailies)

Hatched in Africa: Free Downloads page. Go to Free downloads on the left.

Kreative Kiwi- go to Free in the top tabs. Free designs are added often and there are plenty of the old ones up also.

Embrighter – Go to Free Designs AND Special Offer. Both can be found on the home page by going to Webshop.

Herrington – Go to Complimentary for free designs.

Go to Library pull down menu then Categories. Then Free Designs and/or Cruella Designs

Sonia Showalter: English Ivy Alpha (ABC are not free)
Also occasional freebies

Julie Hall: Go to free designs at the bottom or top of the page.

From the Needle of Anne - check for new designs

Bernina English link- check posts for free designs and tutorials. Last 2 links have free projects and designs. Time to Shine sewing clutch, Flower Garden, Dresden Daisies

Julia’s Needle Designs- occasional and weekly freebies
Check front page and Free Design tab at the top.
Also check Blog in second link

Birochka- go to Online Embroidery Store then Free Machine Embroidery Designs.

Blue Bunny Hollow-occasional freebies
Check the freebie section titled On the Hollow.

Belinda Joy-Go to Design Categories at the top then click Freebies (Christmas designs are most recent)

DAILY LINKS (most in this section change daily)

BFC – Many sets may have freebies. To see the newest freebies go to New Arrivals in the top bar. Then click on the designs. If there is a freebie there will be a note on the right of the design page that tells you what is free. There is also a Free Tutorials and More section.

Tattered Stitch Embroideries
*Kitchen ABCDE
Monday-Friday usually -if you can’t find the current letter you can search for the alphabet name. E will not be free.

Sew4Home Projects

Tex-Expert - At the bottom of the page click on Sluzby (services). Then on the right click on Vzor dne darma (pattern of the day). Then you have the choice of DST or PSF. If you get the psf file the old Pulse Ambassador will open it and convert it. This is not the online version but an old downloadable version. Embird will also convert psf. Use Slovak language for translation.

Amazing: voting

CuteAlphabets: Fruit Cocktail BW Font: UVWXYZ then voting

CuteEmbroidery: Cute Easter font WXYZ then voting

Newest designs at Cute.

Adorable Applique: Check for new design

Designs By Sick voting results: Here is the link to the home page
Designs By Sick – hourly freebie

EmbHome: Check for new design


Meryl Makes: Meryl’s Monday Madness. Free design page and possible new freebies or giveaways on Mondays. She uses UK time. You may have to try different browsers to get on this site.

Skeldale House: *She is going to semi-retire. Site will stay open 1 year. She has removed 50% of her designs from the site.
Ratatouille alpha N
Vowels are not free. Vowels can be purchased, all 5 for $5.00
Refresh page with ctrlf5 if you don’t see the new letter.
All pages have sample freebies at the bottom.
*New url http://www.skeldalehousedesigns.c...

Madwoman of Locke Street- Go to Freebies tab or check Home Page.

Creativ Werkstatt –Gnome alpha UV and 2 more designs. I have removed the instructions since you can click on the flags to change the language.
Click Freebies at the top.



Basketkase Designs by Vicki. Missing Link Alphabet R
Go to Free designs at the top tab. Click on picture then click on Download to the right of the design. Thank you Vicki!

Adorable Applique Day-check for present


Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) 1 design per week and 1 project per month.
Hover over Designs and Projects on the top left then go to Free Designs. Also go to Blog for occasional freebies and tutorials.

Bernina Tatjana’s page. Check for new designs
Click on the picture of the design then scroll down and click on the red lettering that says Freebie.


Cute gift


I’m sorry I’ve had to remove the links to some of the sites you have been enjoying. I have to follow the rules of the Cute site.

San Francisco Stitch Company- Occasional freebies

RNK blog

ITH By Sher – Go to Shop then New

Sew Terific- Check for new designs.

Ageless- Wintry Font -A-J

Free design link on the left on Home page. Check for new.

Basketkase Designs by Vicki: Missing Link Alphabet S
Go to Free designs at the top tab. Click on picture then click on Download to the right of the design. Thank you Vicki! Link in Wednesday.

Present day for 48 hours

Craftsy - There are free classes available


Embroidery DK: Weekly freebie
Click on “New this week”. Look for the picture that says “freebie”. Scroll over it for a stitch out picture. Click on the picture for download link.

Charming Station: Mylar Snowman 253. Check for other freebies


Clipartopolis: Digitizers check these for clipart. Sundays and Wednesdays 2:30 pm EST

MONTHLY Feel free to add the ones you find too.
An * here means the monthly design is up.

Skeldale House-Block of the Month
Link in Monday

*Gunold: 4 Leaf Clover
Go to Deals then Free Embroidery Designs. On the left you can choose how to view the current free designs, choose All.

Pixie Faire-Monthly free Doll Clothes for sewing will be up for 1 day on a Friday. Look at top Banner and click on Freebies to get more information. Also hover over Freebies and check Free Patterns.

Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) 1 design per week and 1 project per month. Link in Thursday.

Hyfi’s House-new pages being added to the new site. Some have freebies-Toilet Paper

*Embroidery Library- Go to Designs by Category then Freebies – Swirls and Style Ombré Peacock

**Urban Threads: – Cat Toy
Go to Shop then Freebies. Click on arrow in the box or title of design. Use drop down arrow to shop multiple sizes in one click. When you download from your orders on the Download page you can click a box near each design and do 1 download for all sizes of the design or download each design individually. Look below each picture to download the pdf. You can also switch formats and click each box and do another download.

*Basketkase- Link in Wednesday – St Pat Cat

*Advanced: Go to Free Designs on the left – Celtic Knot

Sue OVery – Go to Free on the right top. Also check her Machine Embroidery Blog- Santa Belly mug rug sewing project, Chenille leaf trivet, Cord Wrangler, Mama’s Boy & Crib Hair don’t care.

Sew Daily-sewing patterns links at bottom of page, lots of freebies

*Sew Daily-Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine- Spring 2023

Kreations by Kara-Link at top and bottom of page –Royal Quilt Block
*Site has changed I found that searching Free in the search engine then sorting with “latest” show the newest free designs.

*Brother Sews and iBroidery – Western Portrait Corner tutorials and freebies monthly freebie

Brother Sews designs of the month- NEW LINK -Project Organizer
Click on the photo of the project to get to the project and design link

Brother USA: Design of the Month –Go to Crafting then Free Sewing and Embroidery Design Patterns Projects. Put your email in and name in and you will get a page of hundreds of designs. Also explore for designs and tutorials. You can sort by date now.

*Brother -Sewing Craft- Racoon

Oma’s Place- Peace & Joy Dove (on home page)

*Goodies by Gail: Go to Design Singles at left then More Singles at top right. Lucky

*Lindee G-go to Shop then Freebies. Instant download, no need to add to cart, log in. Irish Hat

Husqvarna Viking blog – Applique made easy Flower

Pfaff blog –Lots of new projects

Sulky-free projects: Lots of new projects for hand embroidery and sewing. Go to Free Projects on the top right. You will need to put your email in. Go to Embroidery Files-Sewing Projects. Small Felt House
***Stay in German country for the designs above. Switch to different countries for different designs and tutorials. You can change the language without changing the country.

Wilcom Hatch (AU)- not monthly. Log in then go to Free Designs at the very top. Feathers

Wilcom Hatch also- Christmas Angel
Go to Resource Center and hover your mouse to get you get a drop-down menu, click on Access Free Designs. Sign in for free designs.

Wilcom Hatch blog- Valentine, Seahorse

Janome- go to Inspire then Embroidery. Also check Blog.

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Scallop Mono at Planet....

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Animal Easteregg @ embroiderydk.
Link in Saturday.

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Sweet & Simple Dress 15" Baby Doll Clothes Pattern at Pixie Faire. Link in Monthly

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Seal 4x4 Zip Bag at Sher's

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Y, O, E($) at Tattered

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Hatching Chick at DIME. Link in Thursday

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XND at Tattered

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ITH Wristlet at RNK Blog

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St Pat dog and letter R at Basketkase. Link in Wednesday

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CMW at Tattered

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St. Pat's Day Patch at Embroidery Garden... Search Patch

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VLB at Tattered

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Ratatouille N and Airballoon Applique @ skeldalehouse.
Link in Monday.

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K, U and Kitchen Utensil A at Tattered

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Snowman Mylar #252 at Charming

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