by noah ( edited 05 Feb 2023 ) 05 Feb 2023

Bought these bath sheets @ Walmart for a 25th Ann.

I am so glad Kim helped me with this project.My metalic thread broke 1,000.times Thanks 4 LQQKING Hugs xxx


by sebsews 11 Feb 2023

Gorgeous and what a nice gift for the couple. I use Kingstar with no problems.

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noah by noah 12 Feb 2023

Ok thank-you kindly :):)

by pennifold 08 Feb 2023

Great work as usual (the both of you). I use Kingstar metallic thread, seems the best for me and my machines. I've had numerous breaks with other brands. Love Chris

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noah by noah 08 Feb 2023

Thanks Chris hugs xx

by sonjapotgieter 07 Feb 2023

So Beautiful!!!Well done as always!!

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noah by noah 07 Feb 2023

Thanks 4 your kind words Sonja hugs4u2

by stork 07 Feb 2023

They turned out great!! I share your ughs! regarding the metallic threads. Not always the friendliest thread to use - yours turned out very nice!

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noah by noah 07 Feb 2023

Thanks for looking hugs xx

by stork edited 07 Feb 2023


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noah by noah 07 Feb 2023

Thanks 4 stopping by:):)

by Tu2ml 07 Feb 2023

This is a beautiful gift to commemorate their anniversary. Great job.

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noah by noah 07 Feb 2023

I hope to make a card yet lol

by bemara 07 Feb 2023

Hi Carolyn, the result is great :-) With metallic yarn I embroider slower, and use different needles depending on the metallic yarn, Topstitch, Schmetz metallic or anti glue, all three work, hugs Maria

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noah by noah 07 Feb 2023

Thanks for the info hugs xx

by basketkase 06 Feb 2023

Fabulous stitching, Carolyn....

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noah by noah 06 Feb 2023

Thanks Vicki hugs4u2

by dragonflyer 06 Feb 2023

Beautiful stitch outs, Carolyn....

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noah by noah 06 Feb 2023

Yes thanks to you and your love for others here.You are a blessing to many:):)

by 02kar Moderator 06 Feb 2023

Lovely stitching. A third idea to keep metallic thread from breaking is to put the thread on a thread stand or in a mug or jar away from the machine so the thread has time and space to stay cool as it winds it way to the machine. I've put the thread stand on the floor and it does work. I hope you stitch more items with no thread breakage.

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noah by noah 06 Feb 2023

Thanks very much and yes i had it on a steal thread stand .hugs xx

by Nicky602 06 Feb 2023

Hi Carolyn,

Beautiful as always.

Lotsa love

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noah by noah 06 Feb 2023

Well hello nice to see you :):)Hugs xx

by worthy 05 Feb 2023

Those are so beautiful. Your persistence payed off. They will be so Blessed to receive them.

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noah by noah 05 Feb 2023

yes i want to make a card if possible?Thanks

by peafarm 05 Feb 2023

Oh, these are so luxurious looking. Well done on both you and Kim's part. Curious as to how you kept your threads from breaking again. I have changed needles to top-stitch for large eyes but some threads just seem to break easier than others. Great job to you both!

noah by noah 05 Feb 2023

I decreased the Tension and turned the machine to as low/slow as it would go.Second one sewed almost perfect with no well almost no breaks lol

peafarm by peafarm 06 Feb 2023

I usually remember to change tension and always embroider slow now. Got to try regular sewing on my Ellisimo since I had that mess with embroidery. Then try embroidery again. Mood has to be in that and the energy to sit and watch it!

arsenio by arsenio 19 Feb 2023

Beautiful work.