by dollygk 14 Nov 2022

Hello all, Question, files ending in ".edr, .jpg.bak and pes.bak" are there for a reason but I just don't know why. I only use the .pes file and delete the rest and my designs work perfectly... comments.... and how would I use them?


by sewincat 19 Nov 2022

Hi I do not know how to PM you, so please, may I request a snowman? HUS format. Nick (boy).

Thanks so much

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asterixsew by asterixsew 19 Nov 2022
Connie if you look under the Q&A section of Cute you will find lots of information about how Cute works including sending a PM

by hightechgrammy 17 Nov 2022

Actually, I don't keep any except the format I use. they take a lot of memory and with the tens of thousands of designs I have, those take up too much memory. I don't even save the .jpg files as my computer and embroidery machine show the designs. I've never had a problem just keeping the .pes. file.

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dollygk by dollygk 18 Nov 2022

I guess these files are not very important!!!

by pennyhal2 14 Nov 2022

Good question! I always wondered what it was for and automatically deleted it.

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dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

he he as do I!

by graceandham 14 Nov 2022

Hi Dolly. I am hoping the .jpg.bak is their backup copy of a .jpg. If so, it will enable your computer to show you a picture of the design file stitchout. Always good to see your happy face pop up here on Cute.

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dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

How sweet of you... thanks for the explaination!!

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2022

I believe the .edr extension is the native object file for Embird...

mops by mops 14 Nov 2022

It is the colour chart in Embird

dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

Thanks Moips, And when we delete it, how does it effect the final design???

dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

Color chart, is there any way we can see what it says??? It would hold the numbers of the spools as well, Yes??

by 02kar Moderator 14 Nov 2022

This is a good question to ask, especially for any of our new embroiders. As far as I know, we only need the format our machines use.

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dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

He He.,.. so you don't know either... as most of us as well!!! When I upload the .pes design to my machine it does a great stitch out SO we don't really need them.

by bemara 14 Nov 2022

a *.bak" file is created during work as an intermediate backup and is quasi useless, you can delete it unseen, hugs Maria

graceandham by graceandham 14 Nov 2022

Aha!! Thanks.

dollygk by dollygk 15 Nov 2022

As I have been doing that all along but thanks for the explaination!