by bemara 25 Oct 2022

Hi cuties, I am looking for Australian Shepherds, now they come in so many different colors - I am looking for very good quality designs. Maybe you still know a good address... I buy most of them from embirddogsdesign and dogembroideryshop.

I look forward to your feedback, thanks Maria


by asterixsew Moderator 26 Oct 2022

Please can any one help Maria?

by rachap 25 Oct 2022

Advanced Embroidery has several dog breeds done in photo stitch. I have done schnauzers, great dane and cocker spaniels and was pleased with them.

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bemara by bemara 25 Oct 2022

Thanks for looking for me, I need the size 4x4 or a little smaller, at Fotostitch 45,000 stitches are too much for me and the head is not clear enough. Thanks for looking, Maria