by noah 24 Sep 2022

In all these years i have never sewed on kids clothes because we have no small kids at all .My only granddaughter got married last years and just incase there are babies in her future i thought i should start to learn how.I am NOT good at this at all.But i need to start somewhere lol

Thanks 4 LQQKING xx Noah


by mops Moderator 18 Oct 2022

It looks good, well done. I have embroider lots of child's clothes, especially re -used T-shirts and so on. It is rather fiddly - the tinier the size, the more problems to hoop it, but it makes simple items so much more attractive.

by blueeyedblonde 16 Oct 2022

Carolyn, they all look great just like anything I've seen you tackle!
Way to go!

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2022

Ah thanks 4 your kind words hugs xx

by sonjapotgieter 26 Sep 2022

Well you did well!!!Great work and so Awesome designs!!

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noah by noah 29 Sep 2022

Thanks for stopping by hugs xx

by pennifold 25 Sep 2022

Hi Carolyn, I think you've done an awesome job! I've done some and I don't like doing it, you really need a good design and great stabiliser. Love your work. Love Chris

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noah by noah 29 Sep 2022

Thanks Chris hugs xx

by basketkase 25 Sep 2022

These turned out like you been doing them for years! Great job!

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noah by noah 29 Sep 2022

Oh my thank-you :):)I see the mistakes

by peafarm 25 Sep 2022

You need no practice whatsoever. Every single piece is to perfection. I wonder when she will plan to start a family and make you a Great-grammy. Oh I can imagine the child's wardrobe now. You amaze me every time I see your creations.

by Nicky602 25 Sep 2022

Hi Carolyn,
They all look beautiful as always.

Too cute for words.

Lotsa love

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noah by noah 25 Sep 2022

Ah Nicky your kind but there are lots of mistakes Thank-you:):)

by graceandham 24 Sep 2022

We all are proclaiming this experiment a success. Hope you get to offer some to granddaughter one of these days, soon. Don't forget all those cute Cute Embroidery child designs and the ones we have all been collecting from 10 Embroidery. If tiny clothes are too much challenge, stitch baby designs on flat cloth and then make into carry bags, diaper changing pad and other flat items!

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noah by noah 25 Sep 2022

Great idea thanks :):)

by shirley124 24 Sep 2022

Well you have to start somewhere. Well done. I did lots when my 2 eldest grandchildren were young. I would be like you now, have to start all over again. Anyway I don't think I am likely to have great grands so won't need to try. Hugs

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noah by noah 25 Sep 2022

Thanks Shirely hugs4u2

by sewmadau 24 Sep 2022

They are just beautiful; it is the thought that counts. I also do not have any little ones, my grandchildren are all grown up, and I don't see any great grandchildren in the very near future. Like everyone else I agree stretch fabric is a pain to embroider on.

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noah by noah 25 Sep 2022

yes 4 sure hugs xx

by worthy 24 Sep 2022

Those are so sweet, and do you know what, a non sewer/embroider will be hard pressed to find the things you see. Plus the little girl will certainly not care. Having said that which is true. I understand the challenge of sewing on the stretchy fabric. Certainly not my choice fabric. ;-)

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noah by noah 24 Sep 2022

Mine either i see lol But i will keep trying hugs xx

by sebsews 24 Sep 2022

They are all cute! I am glad you are giving it a try. Years and years ago I made my granddaughters dresses. Never saw pictures of them wearing the dresses. I will stick to embroidering on items and making clothes for me.

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noah by noah 24 Sep 2022

Lol I do that but i want to learn this also in my old age :):)

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Sep 2022

Carolyn I just love your story behind this super collection. Are you going to save what you have embroidered or find it homes?

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noah by noah 24 Sep 2022

A couple had a wee girl 3 months ago I will give it to them But i will warn them it is far from prefect lol

by Bounty 24 Sep 2022

Wonderful! I have to learn this also, my little granddaughter is 15 months now.

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noah by noah 24 Sep 2022

The stretch clothes are a pain I used good iron on in the back and that helped and zero on top .Not sure if that is right but the video did it that way lol