by sebsews 19 Sep 2022

My granddaughter loves the Golden Girls, so do I! I made these mug rugs for her. I did not want to quilt the center, I thought quilting would take away from the fussy cut fabric, so I added the heart. The back is the envelope style. Son-in-law was visiting me for a few days, he will take them to her.

I am still busy with sister Sandy. She fell out of bed and broke her shoulder. She had surgery for a whole new surgery. Very traumatic for someone with dementia. This week I will work on cleaning out her house. What a job that is going to be. I am so thankful for the help of my sons and my neighbors who have been helping me. The house still needs lots of work but need to get the hoarded mess out before we can move forward. No garage sale, most items will be donated or tossed. I did try to sell some items online, but response was from scammers, one male sent me an almost naked picture of him! I am done with selling online!
Today I will watch the amazing events of Queen Elizabeth's service. I have found you tube BBC live has the best coverage. RIP Queen Elizabeth.
Sending hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna


by sonjapotgieter 26 Sep 2022

Stunning work done and they are All so Gorgeous!!!Lucky Lady!!!

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sebsews by sebsews 27 Sep 2022

Thank you! She loved them.

by peafarm 21 Sep 2022

These are great. I always like Golden Girls show too and your heart outline quilts it just great.

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sebsews by sebsews 23 Sep 2022

Thank you! I had fun making them! Granddaughter loved them.

by dailylaundry 21 Sep 2022

This is wonderful and of course I loved watching the Golden Girls - so funny!!! Hugs to you with all your are accomplishing!! Laura

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sebsews by sebsews 23 Sep 2022

Thank you! I always have the Golden Girls on my bedroom TV when I go to bed.

by basketkase 21 Sep 2022

My gosh, these are awesome!! I also love the little tray to put them in...

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sebsews by sebsews 23 Sep 2022

Thank you! Granddaughter said she loves them. Tray was from Dollar Tree.

by worthy 19 Sep 2022

Such a great job, your decision right. Think everyone loved the Golden Girls.
May God bless you as you do the work of clearing out. Prayers to you and your family.

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sebsews by sebsews 20 Sep 2022

Thank you! A project fun to make. Thank you for the prayers as I continue to help my sister.

by toogie 19 Sep 2022

Oh goodness I love these! Who doesn't love the GG? I always called my sister Sheila, Blanche and so then she would call me, Rose! I don't know how you managed to make these with your hands so full. Bless you!

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sebsews by sebsews 20 Sep 2022

Thank you! Actually, Sandy has the looks like Rose. I have been under so much stress, making these helped.

by noah 19 Sep 2022

Pretty 4 sure .She will love them:):)

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sebsews by sebsews 19 Sep 2022

Thank you, I think she will too!

by 02kar Moderator 19 Sep 2022

My goodness, these are wonderful! I hope you managed to make a couple for yourself too. I'm sorry to hear your sister is struggling wit dementia and recovery from shoulder surgery. Not an easy time for you or for her.

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sebsews by sebsews 19 Sep 2022

Thank you! I will make some for me at some point. It's a tough road for her recovery from the shoulder surgery. She sometimes thinks she broke her shoulder years ago. Stressful on me too.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Sep 2022

These are delightful and no doubt will be treasured

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sebsews by sebsews 19 Sep 2022

I hope she likes them very much. She also likes pig themes, I have made her items with pigs, she loved them.