by noah ( edited 17 Sep 2022 ) 15 Sep 2022

Trying to make some towels to give away but fall is so busy.Got apples done Zucci. done ,picked 30 pails of blue berries for myself incase next year is bad .

Gave away 12 pails .Picked 8 of tame pails rasp. and the list goes on and on .Lots of you girls are busy doing the same.

Thanks for looking and happy Fall Y'all hugs xxx


by sonjapotgieter 26 Sep 2022

Awesome fabric used!!!! Stunning towels!!

by toogie 19 Sep 2022

Busy should be your first name! Love all your work!

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noah by noah 19 Sep 2022

Dad always Said"It Takes One To Know One"Right Toogie? love ya:):)

by basketkase 18 Sep 2022

Love the towels......especially the kitty ones😁

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noah by noah 18 Sep 2022

Lol That is a fox looking for food .His feet are on a stump in our bush lol

by pennyhal2 18 Sep 2022

That smile face made me laugh! I almost missed it, but it really made me smile too.

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noah by noah 18 Sep 2022

Yes i love this one i believe our vicki digitized it .

by shirley124 17 Sep 2022

Such beautiful work Noah. You have also been busy with other work as well. I only wish I had a quarter of your energy. Hugs

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noah by noah 17 Sep 2022

I know people say that all the time lol Thanks My friend xx

by worthy 17 Sep 2022

Those are all so pretty and well done as usual. Love all your work even your in-gathering for the winter. Thank you for sharing.

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noah by noah 17 Sep 2022

Thanks for Commenting hugs

by peafarm 17 Sep 2022

I can only see the small thumbnail pics of your projects. Big pics won't show up for me. You are a busy energetic woman but love the same things I do. How you do your daily activities and still manage all this embroidery is beyond me. I really have to be in the mood to embroider but I always have 2 projects I work on thru the month due to clubs. Great works by a great lady.

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noah by noah 17 Sep 2022

Ah Thanks My Pea farmer for your kind words xx

by pennifold 16 Sep 2022

Hi Carolyn, fabulous work as always and I can't believe that you are picking so much and am assuming going to bottle! Great time of year for all the berries etc. Love Chris

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Nope going into the freezer to make pies,muffins .cake etc.

by sebsews 16 Sep 2022

Nice work on the towels! You are making me hungry for blueberries, apples and zucchini!

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Yes i know i have ate my share that now i eat zero lol
My cuz worked in a chocolate factory .You can eat all you want and in a week she couldn't eat another bite lol

by dragonflyer 16 Sep 2022

Great job as usual, Carolyn... I am exhausted just reading about how busy you have been!

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Lol I am high energy Remember lol Even in my old age my sister says when i hit 80 i will slow down lol .
I told her NOT if i can help it lol

by robertahilde 16 Sep 2022

Great job Carolyn! The little fox is adorable, the colors are so cheerful and all of it meanwhile you are collecting goodies for winter.
You must be congratulated. Hugs Roberta

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Ah thanks my friend hugs xxxxxx

by graceandham 16 Sep 2022

Loving the little fox! Thanks for reminding me about picking blueberries - there's a pay-to-pick farm near me.

noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Yes this year they sale 4 $40 .dollars 4 3 liters .I cannot stand old people paying that Soooooo they got them free.

worthy by worthy 17 Sep 2022

Generous and a Blessing as always. You do shine for the Lord

by cfidl 15 Sep 2022

Fabulous as always!

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2022

Ah hello Christie xx