by mrskiki 05 Sep 2022

Does anyone know a pattern for making a memory bear from a baby onesie? Granddaughter wants some and sent a picture but I can't find a pattern and directions. thanks. Nan


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by toogie edited 05 Sep 2022

The little ITH bear was from 10embroidery but I can't find it to provide you the link. I like it but it may not be what you want.
Yeah I found it in this post.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 06 Sep 2022

Thank you so much Toogie. The one listed in your first post is the one I was looking for! When I tried to find that blog it came up error. That is the pic I was sent to show what Kayla wanted me to make. So thanks again. Hugs. Nan

by toogie 05 Sep 2022

look Nan this is mine from the link below-maybe yours would turn out better but don't use your onesie until you try with something not as good.

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by toogie edited 05 Sep 2022

Nan, I have NOT made this but I am trying to find you something. I had to click on purchase here, even though it's free, then sign up before I could down load. It is made from a onesie so it's not too big a bear. It does say to make a sample before you cut your good onesie to make sure you like the finish and not ruin your precious onesie.
I'll get back to you if I see anything else.

Nan, I am back. I haven't found anything that would be small enough for a onesie, but as I was looking I sorta remember making this one just to try the pattern and I wasn't pleased with mine.
I have however made a in the hoop not a 3 D but I really liked it a lot better. A baby or small child can hold it easily and a mom can store it better too in a display case or wherever. Let me look at my designs to see where it came from.....

genin by genin 06 Sep 2022

Thank you very much !

Midnight1 by Midnight1 06 Sep 2022

This sight has such wonderful people, they share, thank you