by rescuer Moderator 19 Jul 2022

ferynew00 It is disgusting that you are using this website for "free" advertising! Please note: your internet provider will be contacted if you continue to violate and SPAM here anymore. We don't want your website posted here. Your designs are horrible


by 02kar Moderator 20 Jul 2022

Sad that members of our Cute family continue to give any type of recognition to this individual. Moderators have and will continue to remove these posts, but it would be very helpful if the members let the moderators know when they see one of these posts so they can be deleted quickly. Please help us to keep this website safe.

by dollygk 20 Jul 2022

I hope you realize moderator that this person seems to 'want' to get at you and is waiting to see how far you will complain.... just delete the post!

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rescuer by rescuer 20 Jul 2022

She hopes for Cuties to click on her link. Every person that visits her site is more money for her--even if they don't buy anything. If Cuties would not respond to her links, she would stop--again.