by tonilee 12 Jul 2022

good morning, i hope someone can help. i would like to get software for taking embroidery designs from usb stick and show it full size, colors, and how it would

sew out.. i used to have something on another computer that was similar. any ideas please


by airyfairy 01 Aug 2022

I have SewWhatPro. I absolutely love it. So easy to understand. I have it on both desk top and laptop.

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noah by noah 01 Aug 2022

I love it to and it is only $65.

by deannabriese 14 Jul 2022

I use Buzz tools and love it. Reasonable cost and does many things. Works as a library opening pictures of multiple designs in files, lists colors etc

by sewpam 14 Jul 2022

Wilcom TrueSizer has free software, I used it for a year before purchasing software. Keep us updated on your choice and how well you like it.

by mrskiki 13 Jul 2022

Embrilliance is a great software, affordable as you can buy modules as needed. Hugs. Nan

by awesome1 13 Jul 2022

Wings' "My Editor" is free for Windows OS. I think this might fill your wishes. It tells you size of design! Stitch count, and has 'redraw, which simulates sewing the design. Best is the full screen display of the design, and the ability to change colors, cut, merge, etc. I’ve used it for yrs even tho I have other programs that cost. There is a bit of learning curve, but good instructions manual with it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Jul 2022

There is another possibility. google for
"Embroidery Tool Shed Software" It is free

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sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 13 Jul 2022

I believe it also comes with a download from DIME. You can select one of their free designs and it will come with that.

by bemara 12 Jul 2022

you need an embroidery reader to match your PC software, either windows or Mac. Embroidery reader is available for free on the internet. I myself use the OESD Artsizer 6.0 (free).