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by bemara ( edited 01 Jul 2022 ) 01 Jul 2022

Hello I am looking again for an "exotic" dog breed, sheltie in blue merle, has anyone seen them by chance? Thank you, Maria


by pennifold 01 Jul 2022

Hi Maria, I had a look on the internet and there are quite a few on there. I've sent you a PM - look up at the top of this page and in the INBOX section you will see there is a symbol letting you know there is a message. Love Chris

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bemara by bemara 02 Jul 2022

Thanks a lot, unfortunately the embroidery files are not for sale, thank you for looking for me :-) hugs Maria

by dragonflyer 01 Jul 2022

Hmmm... My take is a Shetland Sheep Dog with "tonal grey and blue" fur... so could you use something like this and just adapt the colors in the body?;ProductID=c5087

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bemara by bemara 01 Jul 2022

unfortunately not, the face looks completely different, but thanks for your idea, hugs Maria

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Jul 2022

Maria what is blue merle?

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Jul 2022

Weiss was Du meinst, konnte aber nichts finden

bemara by bemara 01 Jul 2022

lieben dank das du geschaut hast :-) schönen Abend, Maria